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This morning we’re talking super subtle, super delicate and perfectly hippie Flowers in Her Hair. You might want to don this pretty look yourself, or maybe it’ll make a sweet crown alternative for your maids, either way it’s absolutely darling and we’ve got the many variations of this trend sussed for you. So take a seat, grab a coffee, hell if it’s nice out, take a seat among the daisies and let’s chat about the gentle addition of blooms to your braided hair.


A Trail of Flowers

Ok so first up is a Rapunzel worthy look; best suited to long locks, be it a standard braid or a more intricate fishtail variation, a long braid trailing down a bride’s back or resting delicately over her maid’s shoulder is just simple, fairytale beauty. But take this braid, and simply weave and array of small, dainty blooms through it and it really does become other-worldly! These divine little blooms really give the braid a flowing feel, almost river like whilst also totally giving off that ‘sat in a meadow with my girlfriends, weaving flowers through our hair’ vibe. It’s perfectly summery, and gives a burst of colour to this laid back, dishevelled braid style. For more unusual variations, try bringing your fishtail braid a little higher up your head, or french plaiting your hair diagonally around the back and into a loose braid over one shoulder. However you braid, add flowers, it is the way to incorporate flowers into your look this summer!

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A Loose Scatter

So, go a little more dishevelled and you find yourself with a gentle smattering of daisies woven into your beachy waves. I  mean, think about it, how magic does the bride always look, post confetti shower? Beautiful dried rose petals peeping through her undone tresses, there’s a distinctively carefree happiness about her, so why not adorn your locks in this way form the outset? It’s the epitome of free-spirited for your luscious mane. Hair will need to ‘worn in’ for this style: 2nd or even 3rd day hair, with the addition of a bit of extra curl to straighter locks and a bit of salt spray (we love Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray) to get that less-than-silky texture; it’ll help hold these tiny little blooms in place. This look is is just so darling…

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A High End Bloom

Now, the high top knot has been a major contender in the hair world for a few years now, but it isn’t going anywhere. This cheekbone enhancing style lifts and opens up the entire face, making it many girl’s go to daily hair style (yes, I’m talking about myself here. Top knots for the win!) . But I’ve got news for you, this style totally works as a divine wedding hairstyle also. There’s always a risk of looking a little too polished with a bun though, so make sure your stylist gets you. Talk to her about teasing wisps of hair out, creating texture within your bun, and of course adding a halo of daisies or baby’s breath to give it that truly boho / festival feel.

And of course, with 90s style dominating the catwalk and high street for 2014, the high ponytail is joining the topknot in popularity. A super simple style, hair should be flung up into a band, and gentle teased out, allowing the ponytail to fall slightly off centre. How to add flowers? Take notes on the last picture in this section: a sprig of baby’s breath pushed through the band and the addition of an burst of bindis to the forehead will transform this look into sheer bohemian perfection.

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A Petal Weave

Take either a half up, half down elfin style or a perfectly dishevelled braided up do and add flowers. It’s a simple equation, but the results are just beautiful. The elfin  half up, half down hair style is remains timeless; delicate but with a hint of mischievous charm, the addition of some tiny flowers lifts this look into a realm of new elegance. It’s playful, but my goodness is it beautiful. Try out a waterfall braid (as seen in the 6th picture down), for a stunning take on on this style.

And if you’re headed for an up do, there are a multitude of truly original ways to don flowers in your hair. Whether you weave a variation of smaller blooms through your braided crown, as a nod to the flower crown, or you have an array of brightly colour flowers added beneath your style; if you think outside of the box, blooms can make a perfectly boho addition to your up do and transform something borderline traditional into an elegant, on trend statement.

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I mean, that last image?! Just so beautiful. We love that adorably subtle addition to her brown tresses, to match her new hubby’s boutonnière. Just so romantic. Be sure to choose your colours wisely, strong colours look striking in blonde hair, but be sure not to overwhelm your look; whites can be wonderfully subtle. Also, don’t feel you have to go in hard with this trend, one of our favourite images is the style below, the subtly of those three little flower heads enhances her braided crown incredibly (whilst also cunningly concealing the end of her braid, clever girl!).



It feels only appropriate to end this post with the song that inspired it. So, in the always beautiful words of Mumford & Sons:

And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.

Much love sweethearts,

Clare xo


Wedding beauty on its way!

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