Happy Monday folks.. Hope you had a great weekend in the glorious sunshine..

Check this out… Flowers and beards!! Perfect combo for a festival groom don’t you think? Thanks to a new trend emerging in boho strongholds across America, you’ve got to add flowers to your facial hair to stand out….

Men in places like Brooklyn, Portland, and San Francisco, are adorning their faces with blossoms – The main purpose of looking pretty for portraits.


Floral delight: A new hipster trend is flooding boho America, which sees men weave flowers into their beards, including Chris Brinlee Jr, shot by Daniel Bruce Lee (pictured)

Here at Festival brides we love a hairy groom.. And why should us ladies have all the fun with the blooms.. Let the guys have a go!!

Tell us what you think people!! xx

article-2697596-1FC5BD2500000578-149_634x418Image via Marlee Meghan Banta


Wedding beauty on its way!

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