At Wedfest we love nothing more than good design, a good party, a good festival and of course a good wedding! That’s why we started this business and brought all of these together to provide you with the most awesome wedding stationery you have ever seen!

We specialise in designing and making fantastic, beautiful and the most down right amazing wedding stationery you have ever seen. From save the dates to wedding invites, seating plans to thank you cards and all the bits in between we can deliver the full package, and especially when it comes to festival weddings we are your one stop shop for all things festival themed wedding stationery.

But once you have your invites out and your dress picked remember that a festival wedding isn’t a festival wedding unless your guests are wearing festival wristbands!


When you go to any major music festival your festival wristband is your number one accessory for the weekend and VIP wristbands can get you places others can’t. That maybe the case for getting backstage, but at your wedding day each and everyone one of your wedding guests is a VIP so make them feel as such with these awesome festival wedding wristbands from Wedfest.

Wedfest have provided hundreds of weddings and parties with festival style wristbands and you just have to look at the photos to see how awesome and super cool they are.


Festival Wedding Wristbands are a great idea for your wedding guests as they will all feel part of a very special day wearing them, and lets face it anyone who has been to a festival is usually still wearing the wristband 2 weeks later (or more). Therefore they make an amazing keepsake and memento for your wedding guests to take away from your big day, and they will no doubt remember your wedding for a long time.

To distribute the wristbands you could have the groomsmen give each of your guests their wristbands as they arrive at the wedding. Some couples who sent their wedding invites out as festival ticket wedding invites (also made by us – yes we rock!) then had the guests bring the tickets along and exchange them for their entry wristband, true festival style! Or you could simply leave them on the wedding tables or chairs as wedding favours for when the guests arrive. Other ideas are to send them out to your guests before the big day so that they arrive wearing them, and remember to warn then – no wristband, no entry 🙂


We also have made these festival wedding wristbands for many destination weddings. These are a great idea for weddings abroad as it can let your venue know who is part of the wedding party, but again its just a cool idea to have all your guests wearing their very own special VIP wristbands. We have catered for lots and lots of Ibiza weddings and if you have been to Ibiza you know that everyone is wearing a wristband of some sort staying VIP but when they spot your awesome wristbands they will all be trying to work out what secret party or club you know about that they don’t!


The wristbands can be totally personalised to your big day, so any colours, fonts, wording, design or style is no problem just tell us what you want and that’s what we will do. As you can see in the photos there is a wide range of styles already designed so if we don’t have a style to suit you then we will just design it for you.

Of course the wristbands can be used for more than just wearing on the wedding day itself. You can send the wristbands out as wedding save the dates which is a great idea for giving your guests an early insight into what your big day is going to be all about.

Also they are a great idea if you are planning a full wedding weekend as you may need wristbands so guests can gain entry into places or locations or maybe even you have a free bar so guests need wristbands to get drinks or food, the list of uses is endless.

Its not just weddings we provide the wristbands for, we cater for all sorts of events from birthday parties, corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Hen Parties, team building weekends, festivals, gigs and much more, so no matter what type of party or event you are having we can provide wristbands to suit you.


To get in touch visit and to see more of our wristband designs please click here.

Big Shout out to Marty from Wedfest for sharing this post with us today. If you lovely people are still on the hunt for some awesome wedding stationery, Marty is most definitely your man.

Happy Wednesday!

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