festival brides blog image 6Ohhh boy, if you guys aren’t hungry this morning, you soon will be!

The craving for cake is REAL right now guys, and that’s all thanks to the wonderful and crazy talented Holly of The Floury. With a passion for natural ingredients, Holly brings together seasonal fruits, her homemade vanilla extract (say whaaaat?! I need me some of that!) and edible flowers from her Devon home or fresh from the vibrant East London florists to create honest delicious bakes… That also just happen to look absolutely incredible!

Let’s get to know The Floury a little better shall we? You might wanna grab a cuppa and a slice of cake before we start though, you’re bout to get hit with some serious #foodporn…

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Tell us about yourself?

I’m Holly, founded The Floury, and do all of the baking at The Floury.

I’m originally from Devon, which I try to go back to as much as I can for some sea air (and also to do cakes for West Country weddings!), but am now based in sunny East London, which I love.

As well as baking I love to travel, mainly to eat as many delicious foods from around the world that I can, and also because there are just so many amazing places in the world and I feel like I need to at least try and see some of them. 

How did The Floury come about?

I have always worked in the food industry, from waiting tables, cooking in cafes to baking for a popular restaurant in Soho.

I was in South America at the end of last year, and had a bit of time (in amongst lying on the beach, climbing mountains etc!) and just decided I wanted to do something of my own. I especially love baking, people often say baking is too fiddly, or you have to be too precise and patient, but I like that! I love making a cake for people that not only looks delicious and pretty, but that they don’t want to stop eating. I am obsessed with flowers and greenery, so making wedding cakes seemed an ideal way to combine these 2 things.

The Floury was born on the Isla del Sol in Bolivia, where cake is a rarity but the flowers & shrubs are incredibly inspiring. 

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What’s your favourite cake?

Wedding cakes are definitely my favourite cake to make.

They are like a mini project! I love every bit of it, from discussing flavours and style with the couple, to covering the cake in loads of beautiful flowers to create a real feature piece.

My favourite cake to eat? Definitely something almondy… Maybe a lemon, almond & polenta cake with a lemon drizzle & pistachios.

Wow that sounds like our new favourite cake too! Tell us why our couples choose a cake from The Floury?

Firstly, our cakes taste great (or so we’ve been told!).

We use the finest ingredients we can get – always free range eggs, organic milk, fresh fruit, and we use our homemade vanilla extract, which we make using some top notch vodka and madagascan vanilla pods. As all the cakes are made by me, I would never let a cake that I wouldn’t want to eat at least 2 slices of leave the kitchen.

We love to chat to you about what you would like, so that the cake we deliver on the day is exactly what you hoped.

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m in love with beautiful flowers so will always make sure there is plenty of stunning decorations on the cake – flowers, foliage, fresh fruit or nuts, to wow you and your wedding guests.

Below are some of the popular wedding cake flavours that The Floury does, however all cakes are bespoke so we always design your wedding cake to your favourite flavours and we’re up for making anything you fancy! 

  • lemon & almond sponge with lemon curd, pistachios & lemon buttercream icing
  • vanilla sponge with fresh cream, berry compote & white chocolate ganache icing
  • chocolate orange sponge with orange cream & chocolate ganache icing 
  • baked apple cake with raisins, cinnamon & speckled vanilla buttercream icing
  • orange cake with rose and mascarpone cream icing 

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festival brides blog image 1Didn’t I tell yah?!


We absolutely adore Holly’s creations, so much so that you can find The Floury in our directory! Seriously though, take a trip over there an check out her website and instagram

*ahem droolworthy ahem*

‘Til next time my loves!

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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