TTWWR-FestivalBrides-highres-3Good morning, fine people!

…And if it hasn’t been a great morning for you so far, tides are about to change, my friend! So, not to hype up today’s featured photographers or anything (y’all know I’m about to lose my schnitzel over these guys any moment now, right?!) but when the alarmingly charming Lauren and Glenn of Through the Woods We Ran landed in my inbox, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t let out a ridiculously loud moderately excited squeal!

Their work is stand out. I mean, I feel like I know each and every couple in their shots, I feel like I was there cradling the bride’s flower-crown-wearing cat, and I too was giggling with the guests who got suddenly caught in the rain…

Their work is intimate, it’s stylish, it’s captivating… I can’t even deal, you guys just need to get scrolling and check. them. out.






Tell us a little about yourselves…

Glenn & Lauren: We’ve been together for nearly eleven years, shooting weddings for about five years, and married around three. We were in Perth, Australia for pretty much all of that, and decided a move to the UK this year was in order because we wanted to exchange sweaty days and the beach for scarf weather and forests.

Glenn: Animals nearly always come to me before they go to Lauren – that’s probably the most important fact to know. I love drawing and playing the piano. I don’t do either of those things – but I love the idea of doing them – so instead I just watch YouTube tutorials about them for hours because I don’t have the patience.

Lauren: I am pretty socially awkward, I read fantasy novels, I like indie music but also tacky 80s music, and I want to pat all the cats and dogs and bunnies and are badgers friendly? Because I have recently become obsessed with them.

If you had a chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be?

Lauren: Ooh good question! This gave me an excuse to look up music festivals to go to once we’re in the UK! My favourite in Australia is St Jeromes Laneway Festival, because it’s so laid back – so Indietracks or Wilderness look like they would be right up my alley! I just want to go somewhere that I can dance on the grass barefoot to be honest.

Glenn: *Googles music festivals to see what kids these days are into* – I’m more about listening to the same tracks over and over while I’m editing until I eventually hate them. To answer the question though: any camping festival with an awesome vibe that I could take a little film camera to for fun would be amazing.




What made you decide to start Through the Woods We Ran?

Glenn: All I knew of wedding photography was that it was super lame and was probably one of the worst jobs in the world. Then I got asked to do a styled shoot and actually looked into wedding photography and my mad Google skillz led me to some pretty awesome folk who were cranking out candid, creative and very not-what-I-thought-wedding-photography-had-to-be images. Pretty much decided after that first styled shoot that this was the path I wanted to take, and not long after I quit my soul-destroying full-time job with pretty much no savings and we started up Still Love in Perth.

Lauren: I have wanted to move to the UK ever since I was a teenager. My parents are from England and New Zealand so the Perth sun does not agree with my inside-only complexion. After visiting the UK In January 2015 I FINALLY talked Glenn into moving there with our three cats. We changed our name to Through The Woods We Ran because, well, we love forests.



Tell us a little bit more about your photography…

Lauren: We’re photojournalistic 90% of the day, with a bit of creative portraiture thrown in too. So that means we are very much about letting the day unfold without too much influence on our part…. We spend most of the day following the couple around and letting them do their own thing. Even when we’re taking portraits we don’t give too much direction, as we want to capture couples as they are, rather than get the same cookie cutter poses at every wedding. It makes shooting more fun and creative for us, and more comfortable for the couple to relax and be themselves. That said, we’re also not shy about telling a couple to get closer 20+ times in the portrait session part of the day so their photos don’t look like they were two fifteen year olds dancing at a school ball.

What are some of your favourite memories + experiences from previous couples you’ve worked with?

Lauren: We were talking about this the other day, trying to pin one down – and all of Glenn’s favourites involve crying (the latest one was a groom losing it after walking back down the aisle), and mine seem to include rain (one in particular where it rained out of nowhere mid ceremony, and guests were shouting and laughing and holding chairs over their heads – it was one of the best atmospheres we’ve had, I think!)

Also – any couples that have animals involved in their day leads to a lot of excitement from us. Dogs at ceremonies, cats at getting ready houses, kangaroos eating the ceremony décor…




What kind of couples do you like working with?

Glenn: Our ideal couples love animals, are super relaxed, can laugh at themselves, and I guess like our style of images too. Importantly: they’re having their day – whether it’s a huge party or an intimate elopement – we just love being around creative people who are making the day theirs.

What’s your best piece of advice for couples who’re trying to choose their photographer?

Lauren: I guess make sure you like everything about your photographer’s photos – from whether you like the way they capture every part of the day (so look through a bunch of their blog posts) to whether or not you like their editing style.

Also – read their ‘about me/us’ section. This should (hopefully) give you a good idea of what kind of person your photographer is. If you get to the end of the page and think you could be friends with that person – well, you’re probably going to like hanging out with them on a pretty epic day.

Finally, what’s your life quote/motto?

Lauren: Hmmm well I’m not really one for quotes… But one person whose work really speaks to me is Bianca Cash, I have a print of hers in my office that reads “It’s a beautiful day to start”.

Glenn: “Marriage is like a coffin and each kid is another nail”- Homer Simpson (Okay, not really my fave, but it’s pretty great!)





TTWWR-FestivalBrides-highres-20Just gorgeous.

The candid moments, the edit of the photos- these guys nail it! You can find them looking super rad in our wedding directory now, get connected!

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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