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Well well well, here we are again! Hope you’re having a fab week. However the past few days have been, today’s about to get MUCH better because we can all take a little time out for a drink in the company of a brilliant couple. We recently welcome Jules and Mike, owners of Patti, AKA The Paddock Bar, to our festival wedding directory and they’re here on the blog to tell us more. So, pull up a chair, fill your glass and I’ll hand you over to them right now…

Tell us a little bit more about yourselves…

Hello.. we are Mike and Jules, a husband and wife team from Dorset with a passion to run our own business and an equally strong passion for all things alcoholic (especially locally sourced produce within the UK).

Mike is the bearded male boss… he heads up all things business and number related. Other duties include craft beer and whiskey taster. Oh, and he’s also chief dog walked to our beer dog Bruce.

Jules is the not-so-bearded female boss… Jules is a visual perfectionist. Her design background means that only the best will do when presenting Patti at a wedding. Other duties include wine and gin taster! It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!

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If you had the chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be and why?

WOW… that’s a tough one! There are so many awesome festivals… and even though we’ve been to a few, I’m sure we’ve only just scratched the surface! My hen do was actually at Benicassim festival in Spain and I loved it! The Isle of Wight Festival has some fond memories for us, as it was one we went to when we first started dating – Mike forgot the tent and I still wanted to marry him! Another was NOS alive in Portugal while we were doing a road trip in our other girl, Betty, a VW Transporter. But I think we would have to say Glastonbury – we still haven’t managed to register in time! We’d love to have experienced it when it first began too.

Tell us a little bit more about Patti and why you decided to convert her into a beautiful and very cool vintage horse box bar…

It all started when we were planning our own wedding! We wanted a totally bespoke day and to cherry pick each individual element for the day. Once we had found our beautiful venue, Cornish Tipi Weddings, we then had to choose what elements we were going to need. Obviously the alcohol was high up on the list…

We searched high and low for the low of the bar we were after… Mike will tell you that I’m a bit of a perfectionist and being a designer, I know exactly what I’m looking for but we just couldn’t find it! So we thought there must be other brides and grooms out there looking for the right look for their wedding.

Fast forward six months and here she is in all her glory! We wanted to stick to Patti’s roots so every detail we have dressed her in reflects her horse heritage. From using stirrup leathers for shelving straps to small horse troughs to hold lemons and limes. Patti is a showstopper that complements a massive range of venues and backdrops and is guaranteed to impress and get the party started in style.

How does The Paddock Bar work and what sort of drinks menu do you offer?

So, if you book Patti for your special day, we like to get to know our couples and, where possible, meet up and just have a good old chat about the vibe you want to create for the day and how we’ll fit Patti in with it. We usually dress Patti in neutral tones and use real dried hops as a decorative floral piece, which works with most or all settings. However, we’re totally up for mixing things up and if there is a specific colour palette or flower you have for the day, this is something we can discuss.

With regards to the drinks menu, we have spent A LOT of time researching and visiting breweries and distilleries within the UK, sampling all sorts of wonderful delights. We want to ensure that we’re offering the Best of British to all our couples where possible. Supporting local businesses is very important to us so if there is a local brewery to our couple, we wold love to stock this for their special day. We love being introduced and tasting new beers and spirits – perks of the job! We are big craft beer fans and love educating and converting people from the mainstream. We also find that our couples love to offer their guests something a bit different, something they may not necessarily get to try and again, this adds that special touch to the day.

At the end of the day, whatever our couples want, they will get! Each day is completely unique and that is how we treat each and every couple when helping them create their special day.

Tell us more about the unique tasting sessions you offer to brides and grooms…

As previously mentioned, we love (where possible) to meet our couples in person and get an overall feel and vibe for their special day. We also like to share some of the liquid delights we’ve discovered. So, we’ll bring along a little hamper of liquid delights with us to gauge our couples’ taste preferences and to be honest, it’s a great ice-breaker and an excuse to have a bit of fun in all the planning.

And you can supply some garden games too?

We can indeed! We have a HUGE Connect 4 that Mike’s grandad made for our wedding – our guests loved it! It keeps the little ones entertained (and the big ones too). We also have a croquet set for a more civilised game and, lastly, a coconut shy. A friend of ours made this too – we have some very useful and creative family and friends! There’s just a small hire fee for each piece.

If our readers were to book The Paddock Bar for their wedding, what sort of service can they expect?

We pride ourselves on being happy/smiley people! We have a lot of people comment on this (probably because we’re surrounded by alcohol fumes!). Seriously, we enjoy what we do and we this it shows. We’ve learned first-hand what is expected and appreciated when supplying a service at a wedding and happy, friendly staff is stop of the list for us. We make sure anyone who comes to us not only leaves with a drink but also a smile on their face. Cheesy I know but who wouldn’t with some of the liquid delights we can offer…

When we work with our couples, we make sure we understand exactly what they want from us on the day and ensure that they feel totally happy, confident and comfortable so they don’t need to give the bar a second thought in the run up to the day and on the actual day itself – it’s all in hand. We have a booking form and T&Cs which cover a majority of questions making sure that our couples know everything from the off (no hidden costs or sales tricks). We can be hired for as long as we’re needed – if it’s just before and after the ceremony or if it’s a party going till the early hours of the morning, we’ll be there ready to keep everyone topped up!

We ideally like to drop the bar off the night before however our couples don’t have to worry about this. We’re more than happy to communicate with the venue and organise this along with the licence.

Here’s a little testimonial from one of our recent clients:

“The Paddock Bar provided the bar at our wedding last month and they were amazing. Mike and Jules are so warm and friendly and will discuss your drink needs for the day and provide a bespoke service. I highly recommend them.” Heidi Grant

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What’s the best piece of advice you can offer our readers when it comes to choosing a bar?

The Number One Rule – make sure that they have their favourite tipple on hand all day and all night! It’s your special day and your should have all of your favourite things at the tips of your fingers! (FYI – that’s our Number One Rule for all our couples too!)

Finally, what’s your quote/motto at The Paddock Bar?

Ummm… Couples that get drunk together, stay together! Cheers!

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Jules and Mike, all of us at Festival Brides are raising a glass to you (and Patti of course!) right now! If you’d like to find out more about The Paddock Bar, check our their listing in our festival wedding directory or visit their website.




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