For the last month or so we have been featuring Q&A’s on our suppliers in an attempt for you lovely people to get to know the people behind the brand. Many of the companies that we feature on Festival Brides are small businesses, usually one man/woman bands, who saw a gap in the market for something different and decided to fill it with their own business. We are huge advocates for these sorts of companies because the people who make them a success work extremely hard and have a certain passion and drive that only comes when you own your own business. That’s why we want to give these people a chance to tell you why they rock and why you should book them for your wedding!

This week, it is the AMAZING The Charming Press in the spotlight.

When Wendy got in contact to introduce us to her company I instantly fell in love with her wedding stationery. It’s colourful, eye-catching, interesting and playful – all the things I like when it comes to wedding save the dates and invites!

I have a feeling you are going to like this talented lady from Cheshire!

Festival readers………meet Wendy:

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself……

My names Wendy (aka Annie to my family as my middle names Anne!)

I live with my husband and our crazy cute Jack Russell called Cracker in a little village in Cheshire. I work from my home studio and couldn’t get through the day without at least 15 cups of tea, Jaffa Cakes, Spotify and Skype! I’m a complete night owl and I hate alarm clocks – hence I am typing this at midnight! Our favourite collections have been designed in the middle of the night when the house is quiet, calm and everyone else is asleep.

I dislike moths, avocados, chipped nail varnish and boring wedding stationery! And I’m passionate about my family, friends and this little business!


If You Had The Chance To Go To Any Music Festival, Which One Would It Be?

Good question! Hmmm…actually I would LOVE to go to Coachella in LA. A few years ago we did a road trip all the way up the Californian coast from San Diego to San Francisco then across to Yosemite & down to Vegas. It was completely amazing and I would do anything to go back and do it all over again. We saw so many amazing places along the way! LA was a crazy crazy place but so cool, we constantly felt like we were on a movie set – I would encourage everyone to do that trip once in their lifetime! It definitely gave me itchy feet to see more of the world.

What Made You Decide To Start The Charming Press?

We got married last May in a Papakata teepee and I designed our stationery. Everyone said how much they loved them and I realised that wedding stationery brought together most of the things I loved – typography, colour, illustration, layout and meeting new people who are excited about planning the best day ever!

I’m also a children-wear print designer at the same time so I’m pretty much always at my computer designing.

How Would You Best Describe Your Stationery Design Style?

Quirky, pretty, colourful and eclectic. Someone once described my work as ‘charming’ during a job interview and I thought that just about summed it up! The name stuck from that point on. We’re definitely not traditional and would like to think we appeal to the more laid back, fun ‘festival bride!’


Tell Us A Little Bit More About Your Wedding Collections?

The collections are all quite different from traditional wedding stationery. I’m really inspired by the American stationery market, US stationery tends to be more casual and illustrative. I could spend hours browsing fonts and probably spend more on fonts and card samples than I do on clothes!

If Our Readers Wanted You To Create A Bespoke Design, What Can They Expect?

I adore designing bespoke stationery as it takes me back to when I did my own. I’ll always ask the client to collaborate on a Pinterest board or send me some examples of ideas they like as a starting point.

Starting with a blank canvas is the best bit about my job, I’ll take into account everything from the colours & typography you love to the themes and finishes. The result is something that’s 100% ‘you!’

What’s The Best Advice You Can Give Our Readers When It Comes To Choosing Their Wedding Stationery?

Choose something that really creates the vibe of how you want your day to be, don’t be scared that the older generations won’t think its ‘formal’ or even..dare I  say it ‘normal’ enough. It’s your day and its up to you, as a couple to make it true to yourselves. It’s probably one of the only chances you’ll get to design a whole day exactly the way you want it, so do it the way you want it!


Finally, What Band or Artist is Rocking your Headphones Right Now?

I’m listening to London Grammar on repeat some days because it’s so easy & relaxing to have playing in the background! My Spotify is quite an eclectic mix of music, everything from Ben Howard to Aviici! It totally depends what mood I’m in!

Image Credits: Holly Booth

If you would like to see more of The Charming Press‘ collections or you would like to discuss a bespoke design please visit Wendy’s website or contact her via email.

All that’s left for me to say is have an amazing weekend peeps – Mr Weather man tells me its going to be a hot one!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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