IMG_0607Good morning, fine people!

How are we all? Well, I hope! If you’re newly engaged and just landed here by chance, congratulations and welcome! Please do stick around for today’s post and then find out a little more about who we are and what we do here at Festival Brides via our New Year’s Welcome! Back to today’s little agenda though and I could not be anymore excited to introduce you gals (and guys!) to this fantastic new company: meet the Bubble Bros!

Now, anyone who knows me, like, at all (No really, we could’ve met once, for 5 minutes even, and you’d already know this about me!) knows that am ALL about that bubble life.

What’s that, sorry?

You successfully applied mascara this morning?

Cause for celebration! SOMEONE POP THE BUBBLES ALREADY. For real, it’s just how we do.

So, when the lovely boys from the Bubble Bros landed in my inbox, with their sweet van, to say I was a little excited would be an understatement. IRL I actually fist pumped, fell off my chair and squeeze-hugged my oblivious, and by then, slightly shocked dog! I then followed that up with a solid half hour of trying to find a legit reason to have a party so I could hire them…

You get me, it’s exciting stuff!

So, wanna find out more about how you can get portable bubbles at your wedding? Of course you do, I’ll hand you over to the charming Bubble Bros, just keep scrolling babes…

IMG_0625We are the Bubble Bros Ltd (real names Joe and Ben) and this is our little Prosecco Van. In a previous life, Ben and I worked long hours together in a London advertising agency. To escape the monotony of the Madmen life, we’d spend our summers attending as many festivals as physically possible.

The Prosecco Van was actually the brainchild of my wife, Lucy. On one sunny afternoon at Wilderness Festival she overheard someone weep:

“If only there was somewhere to get a cold glass of Prosecco around here…!”

And just like that, the Bubble Bros were born.

The Van is a 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape, imported from Italy and lovingly converted into a unique little bar. All our Bubbles come by the barrel and are supplied by one of the country’s best on-tap wine suppliers. We did some very demanding and extremely extensive research to find the finest bubbles around and after quite a few long meetings we happily landed on Frizzenti Prosecco.

IMG_0646IMG_0653Frizzenti supply some of the best restaurants in London. Their sparkling wine is a light and dangerously moreish tipple. It also makes a brilliant base-ingredient to some fantastic cocktails like the Bellini, the Aperol Spritz and our very own Brosecco.

When we’re not serving our bubbles at weddings we can be found pootling, that’s right pootling between festivals and events around the UK. See our website to find out where we’ll be next summer.

IMG_0542IMG_0548But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some quotes from a handful of our extremely merry customers:

“It’s about time someone put Bubbles on wheels. It’s just a shame they had to drive away at the end of the evening” – Olive King

“Thankfully I had my own teapot to refill. One glass wouldn’t have been enough” – Lu Salaman

“The Bubble Bros have got the right idea. Civilised, urbane, and easygoing in all the right measures. Must have for any event that requires a decent hit of the good stuff – bubbles” – Giles M

“If the Bubble Bros are unavailable, change the date of your wedding” – James Staunton (Rolling Italy.)

“The fact that our guests could serve themselves was equally genius and dangerous. I don’t think my mother has had that much fun in decades.” – Sophie Green.

“I’d like a tall glass of that Ben chap” – Anon.

IMG_0662IMG_0681Goodness. Everything about this is just charming.

We absolutely adore! You can find the Bubble Bros in our directory now, book early to avoid disappointment!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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