With the never ending options of entertainment for your wedding ceremony, just how do you shortlist your source of music? Maybe you are a lover of funky house and your boyfriend more of an indie junkie? Maybe some of your guests would love a good old fashioned disco but others would prefer to get their glow sticks out and dance to a DJ set Paul van Dyk would be proud of  – so just how do you find the right compromise? SILENT DISCO of course!

Silent Disco’s are growing in popularity in the UK with latest figures suggesting that more of you are opting for a set of headsets than ever before and I’m not surprised! Silent Disco’s are awesome! Not only are they a great way of providing your guests with 2 (or maybe even 3) options of different music but they also offer an experience that many of your guests will never forget. When else do you think you’ll get your gran dancing the night away with a set of headphones firmly placed on her head!? It’s different and although people may not be sure of the idea at first, by the end of the night everyone will be itching to put them on!

So What Exactly is a Silent Disco?

Each guest at your wedding wears a pair of wireless headphones upon which they gain control of the music. With various DJ sets or homemade playlists streaming to the headphones, guests can decide which set they want to listen to, for how long and most importantly how loud.


 Silent Disco Direct

Silent Disco Direct are a leading UK supplier of silent disco headphones and equipment so if you are looking to host your own silent disco then these guys can supply you with all the gear. They offer a full rental service and can deliver the phones direct to your door with all the batteries and information needed. All you then have to do is sort out your playlists or hire a DJ and get ready to party!


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Why a Silent Wedding?

Often wedding venues will put restrictions on the time that loud music is allowed to be played to, silent discos offer a unique ability to allow you to continue to party late into the night without disturbing the sleeping relatives or neighbours. You can even power the whole thing on just a couple of ipods so no need for your own DJ’s. You can also have multiple music types to ensure that the whole family enjoys the unusual wedding entertainment.

Sounds good huh?

If you are thinking of hiring a silent disco for your wedding then get in touch with Paul and Andy from Silent Disco Direct and get ready to put on a night to remember!

For details on their custom silent disco wedding packages which includes getting everything set up for you on your big day, visit their website or call 07512142272.

If you require a DJ for the night or any other extras such as lighting or music equipment then get in touch and they will put together a custom quote for you.

I am itching to go to a Silent Disco now! If you are having one for your wedding then can I come please!? I promise I won’t dance like a crazy person……….well I’ll try not too – depends if you’re serving cider or not!

Happy Tuesday lovelies,

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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