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Well hello there lovely ones and how the devil are you on this fine Wednesday? Now, let me ask you question – how much do you LOVE taking photos on your phone? If you answered “I love it and might just be a little bit obsessed”, don’t worry because you’re not alone. We’re all hooked on snapping and sharing and on your big day, you’re going to be photographed by friends and family everywhere you go. It’s great to be able to look back at their photos but even if you create a wedding hashtag, you’ve still got to sit and search through all the social feeds to find the photos. Now doesn’t that just kinda take the fun out of it all? Luckily for you, Scripin Weddings has got your back. This brand new photo sharing app is, quite frankly, all you’re going to need for your wedding and to be able to see (and save) all their fantastic photos.

Here’s Jack Rogers, the genius behind Scripin Weddings, to give us all the info:


Tell us a little about Scripin Weddings…

We wanted to create a service that would allow guests attending a wedding to share their experiences and their perspectives of how much fun they had, through the photos and videos that they were taking on their phone. It had to be easy to use, intuitive and inclusive!

scripin photo app

What made you decide to start the business?

I went to a friend’s wedding and realised that nearly everyone was taking photos and videos on their phones, but no one was sharing them. This meant the bride and groom were missing out on some awesome wedding moments! If it were my wedding I would want to see as many of my wedding guest’s photos and videos as possible. So how could we make the bride and grooms life even easier? We didn’t want them chasing people after their wedding for photos, or having to trawl through endless social media feeds to screen shot them either. So, creating an app that captured all of those amazing fun and informal photos in one place seemed to be a great idea.

Tell us exactly how Scripin Weddings works…

The app is very easy and simple to use. Guests simply download the Scripin app from google play store or Apple app store, enter the event’s unique 6-digit code, which we provide, then start taking photos or videos. They can view all of the other guest’s photos in a single feed and like, comment and share photos on social media. It’s as easy as that. After the wedding the bride and groom can then download all of the videos and photos to relive the fun and excitement forever.

Is it easy to use Scripin Weddings on your wedding day? What tech do you need?

Yes, it is super simple to use. All guests need is a smartphone (android or Apple) and if you are photo streaming, then a laptop or tablet which can be connected to a TV/projector.

What packages do you offer for weddings?

We have one price, a fixed one off fee of £250. But we currently have a Special Spring Offer of only £149 (Use code Spr1ngW3d).

Can you check or moderate photos guests upload before they’re published??

When using the app before you share any photo/video you are asked to confirm (we call it ‘Love It’) that you would like to add to the album. You can also delete photos and videos from the app too. We have a moderated system, which you can access from the online dashboard where you can also check and moderate.

Is there a limit to the number of images and videos that can be uploaded?

No, we have no limits on photos and videos or how many guests you invite. Our one fixed price means there are no hidden fees or add ons.

Can couples keep the photos that have been uploaded? What are the options for this?

Yes, guests can keep every photo and video they take. When you create the app, you can allow automatic image saving to camera roll. This means any photos or videos your guests take will automatically appear in their camera roll, there is no button or action to download needed.

What’s your advice for couples who really want to encourage guests to take and share photos?

We have built in a range of features to encourage guests to download and use the app, you can invite guests using our email invite module – this has all the details of your wedding and links on how it works. You also have your own wedding website which you can send/post to your wedding guests, as well as printable table cards that can be placed around the venue. The photo-stream is another great way to get your guests involved as well!

Lastly, if you could go to one festival, which one would it be?

I would love to go Worldwide festival in France, I have never been to one abroad! But there are so many others that I would love to go to as well…

Thanks Jack, it’s been a blast. If you’d like to find out more about Scripin Weddings, click on over to their website right now.













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