IMG_1735Morning morning, good people!
The weekend is in sight, Autumn has arrived in all its gorgeousness and we’re introducing a super fun supplier to you this morning, it is ALL GOOD.

Festival Brides, meet Pip Vintage Hire!

Looking for a sweet vintage backdrop, an original photo booth, a cute lemonade stand? Yes, Pip can do it all! Let me hand you over to Pip’s lovely owner, Trish to tell us all about her gorgeous vintage hire services…


Tell us about yourself…

I’m Trish and I own Pip Vintage Hire, which was created out of my love for all things vintage. When I first told my partner, Sam, that I was going to buy a vintage caravan to turn it into a photo booth he looked at me like I was a little crazy. However, Pip and Grace’s popularity has proved him wrong and we are thrilled with their success so far. We live in East Yorkshire, with our crazy Labradoodle, Benjy (who seems to be a star on Instagram!) in a Victorian house, so all of our vintage finds look totally at home here.

If you went to a music festival which would it be?

That’s a tricky one, as I am sure I would love any – all for different reasons. I don’t like saying I like a certain genre, as I don’t want to get pigeon holed into that category. Any live music is fantastic for the atmosphere, although I will admit, I am a bit of a secret rock chick!


Why Pip Vintage Hire?

Well, just look at her, Pip that is, she is so cute, cute as a button in fact and the name just sprung to mind, aww, little Pip and Pip Vintage Hire was born! She is certainly our main attraction, but her big sister Grace is just as lovely, but they have very different personalities.

How would you best describe what you guys do?

Pip Vintage Hire is predominantly a photo booth – with a difference!

Pip and Grace are both fabulous for photos, both inside and out. We can also offer instant prints, which the happy couple can choose to keep as an alternative to a guest book, or guests can take them as a momento of the day, but we are far from a one trick pony. We have lots of lovely vintage props, ranging from a 1970s bar, through to lovely lawn games that always seem to entertain. However, our most popular prop (other than Pip and Grace) is our rustic lemonade stand, which also has a Pimms sign – very popular for welcome drinks, especially when they see the Kilner dispensers and the jam jar glasses.


If our readers were to book you for their wedding, what can they expect?

They can expect a reliable and super friendly service (I really love weddings, I love the buzz and happiness of it all).

Our photo booths, Pip or Grace come fully kitted out, with photo props, bunting, accessories for outside and a photographer, so it makes it more personal and fun, no automated machines here!

We try our best to accommodate requests, and will always keep you fully informed. After the night is over, we send a full copy of the photos through to the couple on a USB, so they can print to their hearts content. This is in addition to their online gallery, where they can tag, share and view, along with the people who shared their special day.

If you choose additional services, such as the temporary tattoos etc, these are a great way to entertain the children (and adults). I do these myself, and hey, who doesn’t love and extra bit of sparkle every now and then?

What’s the best advice to give when choosing a wedding supplier?

It’s always great to also have something a little different. Choose a supplier you like the look of, that’s your style, it’s your special day, go with your heart, the memories will last a lifetime. The last thing anyone wants is to look back with regret thinking ‘I wish I had have had this or that at my wedding’.

IMG_2941IMG_0915image…I mean! Super cute!

We love Pip and Grace’s shapeshifting ability; hire one company, tick several boxes on your dream-wedding list! So head on over to our directory, give Pip a buzz and get excited!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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