We love hearing from free spirited photographers…and Michelle Waspe is one for them. We like to understand the memories behind the images and fall in love with the smiley couples and guests!

Here is a bit about Michelle, her inspiration and photography in her own words:

I absolutely love my job of telling the story of a couples’ wedding day. I just love the way the whole day is such a journey and an incredible mix of fun, laughter, friendship, anticipation, gorgeous details, yummy food, excitement and of course LOVE! I love seeing friends and family get together, all looking lovely, in beautiful places, celebrating two people’s love for one another, and being there to document it all is just brilliant! One of my favourite parts is the couples’ portraits. It’s a bit of time the couple get to spend on their own, away from everything, in those first exciting moments as husband and wife and I get to create some beautiful images for them!

When choosing your wedding photographer I think it’s important to remember how special your photographs will be to you in years to come, and how happy you’ll be to have gorgeous images that will enable you to re-live the day again and again, so make sure you allocate a good budget towards it and choose someone whose work you really love and who makes you feel comfortable.

I’m always happy to meet my clients beforehand, either in person, or, if that’s not possible, a Skype chat. If you’re nervous about having your picture taken, I offer pre-wedding shoots, where we get to have some fun and we can get to know each other and you can see how I work. These are a great way of feeling more confident about your couple portraits on the day, getting used to having me and my camera around and you get some more gorgeous images of the two of you!

If you’re interested in chatting to Michelle about your wedding photography then visit www.michellewaspe.com or drop her an email info@michellewaspe.com or call 07960 482023.


Wedding beauty on its way!

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