What makes us tick here at Festival Brides?? Well for me it has to be the stunning emotive photography we see on a daily basis. We are totally in love with Pen and Cam from Mckinley-Rodgers.. Not only are they a totally adorable couple but their photography just rocks!! So emotive and so honest we swoon every time we see one of their beautifully shot weddings. We like to get to know our photography friends a bit more personally so we ask some questions and get to know the people behind the lens… So here they are – Introducing Pen and Cam – Mckinley & Rodgers

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Tell me a little about you guys…

We are Pen and Cam and we are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary this November!  We met in deepest darkest Soho in the Summer of 2001, fell totally in love with each other, and were married before the year was out!  Aside from each other, we also love strong coffee, a good rom com, our furry boys, vintage VWs, bunting, imagineering, (live) music, old leather couches, wine gums, ugg boots, memory keeping, the idea of camping, riding our tandem bicycle, blogs, green juice, buying books (and occasionally reading them!), mafia films, Birkenstocks, tattoos, BBQs, DVD boxsets, gerberas, the news, garlic bread, carbohydrates (you can never have too much potato!), yoga, fresh sheets, sleeping in, a madras or biriyani, a warm home in Winter, amazon.co.uk, traveling; and coming home…

If you had a chance to go to any Music Festival which one would it be and why?

Is it greedy to have two?  I honestly can’t choose!  Our current obsession is the TV show, Nashville, so I would have to say the Country Music Festival in Nashville.   However, Cam is Australian, and Byron Bay is our spiritual home, so the Bluesfest would be up there as a must!  Unfortunately we have yet to go to either – but we will!

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What made you decide to become wedding photographers?

Honestly it was luck and chance.  I (Pen) had originally started a pet photography business – specifically to photograph dogs.  However, no one seemed to want to employ me for that, and a colleague at work asked me to photograph their wedding with my “nice camera”.  Seriously, I protested up until the eleventh hour, but ended up doing it and rather enjoying it!  We were still unconvinced though, and it was only when we found ourselves somehow shooting more weddings that we started thinking about it as a proper profession!  Now, nearly 6 years on, we cannot imagine doing anything else!  We love being married, and there’s no better way to spend our days – together, celebrating and capturing other couples embarking on this wonderful journey!

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How would you best describe your photography style?

The word that immediately comes to mind was from a Skype session with one of our couples back in 2012.  The groom was explaining what attracted him to our work, and he said it was “honest”.  That really resonated with us, and since then it’s the word that I would say best describes our style.  Every wedding is so unique; we want to capture it authentically, because that’s the essence of the day and of the couple.  So we are very organic photographers, documenting the day, the details, the emotion, as it happens.  We don’t style and we don’t pose, because we genuinely believe the day is perfect as it unfolds naturally.

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If our readers were to book you for their wedding, what can they expect from you on the day?

Whilst we like to think we are friendly and approachable people, we do our best to stay on the periphery on the day itself (Cam likes to call himself a photographic ninja). Of course we chat and have a laugh with guests, but for the majority of the time, we are surreptitiously documenting the celebration as it unfolds. Ultimately we hope that if your readers book us, they can expect to not worry about the photography aspect of the day!

What’s the best advice you can give to our readers when it comes to choosing their wedding photographer?

Our best advice would be – don’t compromise. There is so much talent out there, so many different styles, there is no reason for a couple to settle on anything less than what is exactly right for them.

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What’s your life quote?

From the style and spiritual icon of the 80s,  “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  – Ferris Bueller

Check out their website www.mckinley-rodgers.co.uk to see more of their lovely work!!

Enjoy your Friday peeps. It’s the weekend!!!

Big Love

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