Well hello and today, we’re doing something a little bit different. Instead of giving ALL the Festival Brides Love to one supplier, right now, we’re giving it to an entire county! Yep, that’s right, our love really knows no bounds today and the county in question is the altogether gorgeous East Anglian gem of Norfolk. We’re joined by the team at Marry in Norfolk, part of the county’s marriage registration service, who conduct brilliant ceremonies at the downright gorgeous venues you’ll find in this part of the world.

Let’s hear more from them right now…

Tell us a little about Marry in Norfolk…

Marry in Norfolk is the trading arm of Norfolk Registration. We enable couples to truly enjoy and celebrate their weddings in the wonderful county of Norfolk. We are the only team in Norfolk that are able to legally marry couples and then help them choose a ceremony that reflects the day that they want making their ceremonies unique to them.

What services do you provide to couples?

We provide not only a Registration Service but a unique experience for couples. Gone are the days where registrars provided a short and sweet ceremony focusing purely on the legalities. Our couples are now offered extensive choice about the content of their ceremony. We have a team of a 100 professionally trained registrars and celebrant registrars that are able meet couple’s needs, address questions and make their day truly special.

We LOVE the sound of your Any Place Duo service. Can couples really get married anywhere?!

Well, they can celebrate their ceremony anywhere they like. The legal ceremony will still need to be done in one of our offices/suites –but it basically means we can perform the legal ceremony and the celebratory ceremony both on the same day! Couples are choosing to get married on the beach, in their back gardens, in a wooded glen or their favourite pub! The choice is endless. We are waiting for a request to conduct a celebration in a large balloon! It’s all about making their day special and unique to the couple –a place that has meaning to them. It could be the place they got engaged, spent many happy days on holiday or where friends and family can fully participate.

Why is Norfolk such a special place to marry?

Where do we begin! Norfolk provides the tapestry to provide a fantastic journey and a happy ending, with a suitcase full of memories and a lifetime of togetherness. But as the Cheshire cat said in Alice in Wonderland – ‘Every adventure requires a first step. We think a good first step is choosing to marry in the wonderland that is Norfolk… and here is why: You will find a little bit of wonderland in Norfolk every acre; modern day magic that conjures mermaid like seals peeping from the water on a deserted beach and transforms clouds in to wild horses racing across the endless blue sky. We have restaurants and eating places to satisfy every pallet, parks to keep guests entertained and music and culture in abundance, including wonderful places to immerse yourself in history. We are proud to say that there is no such thing as an ordinary wedding in Norfolk!

Can couples living anywhere in the world choose to get married in Norfolk?

Absolutely, we welcome couples from out of the county and other parts of the world. Couples have come from as close as Suffolk and Cambridgeshire or as far away as Australia.

Tell us a little bit about the venues that couples can choose…

We have over 140 approved venues that offer a huge variety of different locations. Couples can choose to marry in relaxed and informal surroundings to a stately homes or even a castle. We have hotels to meet every need, barns to capture that rural country feeling. Couples can also get married at a Steam Railway station or mingle with the animals at a zoo!

What do couples need to consider when they’re planning their Norfolk wedding?

We encourage couples to consider what type of wedding they are looking to have. Do they want lots of guests or a small intimate affair and then think about location. Because we have so many venues to choose from – we strongly recommend that they check out our website for ideas. Couples should also consider whether they want their guests to enjoy a weekend and if so what type of locations would appeal to them to explore. We have some wonderful local suppliers and caterers on our doorstep who will be delighted to make the couples dreams come true. One final consideration – why not have a mini moon in this wonderful county?

How far in advance can couples book?

We are currently booking in to the year 2021 but can take bookings further ahead than that – you just need to give us a call.

Can you sum up what makes Marry in Norfolk so special in five words?

Professional, Passionate, Flexible and Friendly.

Finally, what’s your motto at Marry in Norfolk?

If its legal we’ll do it!

OK guys, so how ace is Norfolk sounding right now? If you’d like to find out more, check out the Marry in Norfolk website or get in touch with them to find out more. You can contact the team on 0344 800 8020 or via ceremonyenquiry@norfolk.gov.uk

Credits: Main Image by Luis Holden | Image 3 at Godwick Great Barn by Emily Tyler Photography





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