Pineapple-53317 …Isn’t that quote just EVERYTHING?!

I know when I was planning my wedding, I definitely wanted to ‘be anything but predictable!’

And so, with that in mind, this morning I bring you a trend that’s been emerging this past summer and is hawt hawt hawt for summer 2015… So, if he put a ring on it this summer and you’re planning  to wed next summer, this one’s for you, feyoncé!

Now, let me get your creative juices flowing, and sweeten your drab October Wednesday with a fruity burst of summer!

…Are you salivating yet?!

121532PINE-apple of my eye?! COME ON! Too sweet!

20So not only is our Pinterest feed a-WASH with an array of technicolour pineapples, but ladies, you gotta use them as photo props too.

Totally can’t believe I’m saying this, but every ‘it’ girl this summer rocked a pineapple. Sounds kinda cray-cray right? Time to have a little free-spirited fun with your wedding, babes!

Come on, who doesn’t love a tropical goddess bearing fruit!?

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Party like a Pineapple!

From their funky shape to their brightly coloured flesh and leaves, Pineapples just scream ‘Carefree fun!’.

So whether you go a little Mexiacn and hang a Pineapple piñata, fill your photobooth with tropical props (including those pineapple sunglasses, I mean!) or supply your mini guests with a little fruity party hat, these ideas are sure to inject a burst of fun into your day!

Seriously, it’s such a happy fruit! I challenge you to not smile!


The Sweetest Nectar

Super sweet, pineapple flavoured cocktails and juices are just everything for next summer.

Drink straight from a halved fruit, or infuse your fave rum with chunks of roasted pineapple (doesn’t that just sound like heaven?!). You can take this trend wherever you want to, down a playful route, or something a little more sophisticated; it’s all SO good!

…And as if that wasn’t enough of a sugar high for your day, would you just take a look at those pineapple desserts… Serious WOW factor!

38424014311311 I mean, come on, they’re WAY too cute! And paired with these homemade beer mats… I die!

12159 We are just LOVING the pineapples with gold and monochrome stripes, c’est magnifique!


A Mighty Fine Pine

There’s just something about them, their fun spikey tops, their diamond textured bodies… Am I sounding like I have some sort of fruit fetish?! Really, I don’t!

That said, these beautiful tropical fruits make a super playful garland, the perfect flower alternative as the stars of your table decor (especially paired with a Mexican table runner – boho heaven!) and if they don’t naturally fit your colour scheme… You go ahead and spray paint those prickly pines, sister! Gold, white, hell you could even ombré them!

1627303329At the pine-acle of pineapple-cool (thank you, thank you. I’m here all week!) are these fruity temporary tattoos (what else?!).

Somebody PLEASE facilitate your guests to adorn themselves with fruit at your wedding, I can’t think of anything more fun and hands-down cool!


…Failing that, y’all totally need to re-create one of these little favour/take away party bags… the brown paper bag concept is just INSANE. We love it!

413928…Oh, I know, right?!

353634Yup, I totally TOTALLY need that stamp to adorn everything I own (including myself!).

May your pineapple obsession blossom, as mine most certainly has, and your Wednesday be sweet and fruity, festival babes!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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