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We have such a treat for you on the blog this afternoon. If you’re that bride feels you’ve looked at every wedding dress, every designer, every styled shoot, every shape gown you can get your hands on and you’ve still not found quite what you’re looking for, then meet Israeli haute couture wedding gown designer, Hila Gaon.

From the moment we saw Hila’s collection we pounced on the chance to share her gowns with our favourite people (you’re welcome ;-)) and show the rest of Britain just how dreamy her collection really is!

Side note: if you’re a bridal boutique owner in the UK that’s interested in stocking Hila’s incredible gowns, drop us a line at and we’ll hook a sister up!

For now though, let’s chat to Hila and prepare to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ uncontrollably at this stunning designer’s work…

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Tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Hila Gaon. I’m a 44 year old Israeli haute couture wedding gown designer and a mother to 5 year old, Itay.

I’ve been a fashion designer for 20 years, and have been designing wedding gowns specifically for 11 years in my own studio in Tel Aviv.

I spent my youth in Paris. My amazement of the city’s unique style drew me into the world of design and when I got back to Israel I started fashion design studies at Shenkar College in Tel Aviv and, in time, I also lectured at the textile design faculty.

WebHila Gaon Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel


If you had a chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be?

Music is my favourite pastime. Marina Maximilian, an Israeli artist, especially is an amazing performer, so I guess I’d just love to see her live!

What made you decide to start Hila Gaon?

Over the years, many of my friends have gotten married and I helped out in their search for the perfect gown.

After seeing all the wedding dress designers and failing to find exactly what my friends were wanting, we started looking in regular stores, thinking maybe a simple white dress will do, but we couldn’t find anything that met the brief. The dresses all seemed too plain.

Eventually, I was the one who designed their gowns. I understood what they wanted from the start – and that’s how Hila Gaon was founded!

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Tell us a little bit more about your wedding gowns…

My designs are all haute couture wedding gowns.

I use only high quality fabrics. The primary fabrics are various kinds of silk chiffon, silk crepe and silk tulle. The laces are either Solstiss (French lace) or one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from genuine antiques I collect.

My line is very romantic and delicate, designed for brides who look for a fashionable easy going look.

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What are some of your favourite memories + experiences from previous brides you’ve worked with?

Creating a haute couture wedding gown is a process I love to go through with each bride.

The most fun I ever had was with a bride named Liat. She was easy going, calm and so much fun.

If our readers were to order one of your dresses for their wedding, what can they expect?

Brides I work with enjoy the fruits of my 20 years of experience in designing for the feminine figure.

Every dress which carries the Hila Gaon name was carefully designed and tailored, with the best fabrics in the world.

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How do you know if a Hila Gaon wedding gown is right for your wedding?

A wedding dress should reflect the bride’s personality. It should be comfortable and stunning at the same time.

When a bride finds her dress, she knows it’s “the one”.

What’s your best piece of advice for couples who’re trying to choose their wedding gown?

Choose a designer whose style you can relate to and who you trust.

The wedding gown is often the most important thing for a bride – it’s what everyone will be looking at, what she will wear the entire night, and of course what she will remember for the rest of her life.

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Finally, what’s your life quote/motto?

Where there is doubt, there is no doubt – I always listen to my inner voice and instincts.

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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