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And boom! Just like that, we’re in September! I’m back at my desk this week after a few weeks of holiday so if you’re the same, shall we all just have a little virtual group hug? Now we’re all feeling better, it’s time for me to introduce you to the brilliant wedding videographer Guy Joynson. Guy’s recently joined our festival wedding directory and let me tell you that he’s super professional and a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, he’s crazy talented and totally committed to creating amazing wedding films. In short, you’re going to love him.

Guy, it’s over to you…

Tell us a little about yourself…

So, my name’s Guy and I live and work as a wedding videographer in the gorgeous city of Bath. I used to work in the film industry and have worked as a professional videographer for 3 years now. I mostly do cinematic wedding videography but also other commercial work for various clients.

How did you get into wedding videography?

I started out as an assistant photographer and editor for various wedding photographers. Wedding films have started to become more and more popular recently and that’s when I started thinking about branching out. I figured with my background of working in film that I would make the transition and I’ve never looked back.

Jess & Owen, The Walled Garden, Orchardleigh from Guy Joynson Videography on Vimeo.

How would you describe your style?

Cinematic is the word I would use. I tend to think shots through very carefully whilst shooting and the narrative of the day itself to play into that cinematic vibe. I also used my post production as a way of further achieving this narrative. Telling the story of a couple’s day is really the most important thing!

What do you think a wedding film gives couples? Is a wedding film ‘instead of’ or ‘as well as’ wedding photography?

A wedding film gives the couple more insight into the nuances of the day. The unseen moments. I think definitely ‘as well as’ with regards to photographers. The photographers job is hugely important as they get in amongst the day and really get to know the guests. With a wedding film you can be slightly more set back which means you can approach different aspects of the day much more easily and in a free form way. It’s always nice to work with various photographers though as you’re always learning new skills and techniques.

Do you think that more couples are considering films than ever before?

I think so, yes. Since I set up my company my booking numbers have increased year on year. Also with the rise of Instagram as a social media platform, video is increasingly popular. I always offer ccouples an Instagram edit of the best shots so they can share the best parts of their special day.

Kerri & Robbie, The Walled Garden, Orchardleigh from Guy Joynson Videography on Vimeo.

What are your favourite parts of the wedding day to capture?

I love shooting the portraits of the happy couple. To see their looks, smiles and subtle signals that make every couple different. Also it tends to be a time they can open up a little more away from the hectic crowds. It’s always nice to get a bit of relaxation and it tends to be the best part of my work to shoot, for sure.

Have you got any favourite memories from weddings that you’ve shot?

All the weddings I’ve shot have been unique and wonderful in their own ways, regardless of scale. As you’re working virtually flat out all day it’s hard to take much in. The speeches are always fun – seeing peoples’ reactions to various jokes. Getting an insight into the families is always a wonderful thing.

What would you say to couples who are worried about being filmed all day?

It’s completely understandable to be apprehensive about having a camera in your face all day. And I get asked about it all the time. What I tell my clients is that from a filming perspective I take a step back and just let them do their thing. And to leave the rest to me. I have a sort of fly on the wall distance when I shoot which means couples tend to relax a lot more on the day.

If our readers were to work with you, what should they expect?

A relaxed approach, the ability to be a full part of the filmmaking and editing process and a wedding film that fully reflects their personality and style. I offer fully flexible packages on on a hourly basis to shoot for all budgets. My most popular packages are a half day or a full day. I pride myself on my post production so I offer different packages for that too which means couples can fully customise their own packages and be involved every step of the way.

Connie & Joe, The Walled Garden, Orchardleigh from Guy Joynson Videography on Vimeo.

Can you sum up the brilliance of wedding films in five words?

Memories that can be watched forever.

Finally, what’s your life motto

If I can make people smile, I’m doing my job right.

Yay! Thanks so much for joining us today Guy, it’s been great getting to know you. If you’d like to find out more about Guy Joynson, click on over to his website (there are wedding films to watch, just saying) or check out his listing in our festival wedding directory.








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