Well hello again and explain to me – how are we at Wednesday already? This week is just zipping by and I hope you’ve had a good few days. Today I’m here with something  that ticks the boxes of ‘new’ and ‘brilliant’ so let me introduce you, in Festival Brides Love style, to guesterly® and their fantastic personal event guides. These super cool little books are not only a great ‘who’s who’ but they’re a fab wedding memento too AND if you read on, you’ll find a special reader discount offer so that you can get guesterly® at your wedding too.

guesterly® have already been quite the hit in our festival wedding directory but let me hand you over to founders Rachel & Lorne to explain more…

Tell us a little bit more about yourselves…

We are driven connectors and storytellers, and especially love the magic of matching creative people and ideas and helping people hold on to what matters. We all want to hold on to our most important memories and relationships, and the Chatbooks family of brands—including super easy, super affordable photo books and guesterly event guides—help you do just that.​

What made you decide to found guesterly®? What’s the story behind it all?

We made the first guesterly® with one goal in mind: to celebrate and connect friends and family at our wedding. We had grown up and gone to college on opposite sides of the country, so most of our guests were traveling from far and wide and meeting for the first time. We dreamed about all of our favorite people, from all parts of our lives, truly coming together and connecting.

But our wedding weekend would be so short—how could we truly connect everyone?

Then Lorne pulled out his Freshman Herald, the book he’d received as an incoming freshman at Princeton. The legendary directory had the name, picture, and hometown of each classmate, and it was the magical book that helped connect the class. We realized how we could introduce our guests, create a sense of community, and let everyone know how important they were to us:

We’d create our own version of the Herald—the guesterly®.

We went to work: Rachel, an editor at O, the Oprah Magazine, wrote fun, you-have-to-meet-him bios; Lorne, an engineer at GE, tracked down photos and designed our book. We printed the little booklets off and mailed them out a week before our wedding.

And then we watched, amazed, as the guesterly® worked the magic we had only dreamed of: It got guests extra excited for our wedding (talk about a wow factor!), broke the ice, and made all of our far-flung friends laugh and party like they’d known each other for years.

It was like we’d discovered the secret to the best wedding, ever! So we took our guesterly® idea and made it better, easier, and guaranteed to impress.

So tell us more about guesterly® – how does it work?

guesterly® is a who’s who guide to your event! A guesterly® celebrates everyone, introduces them to each other, and gets the conversation flowing. Small in size, just right for your pocket at 4×5 inches it can go anywhere with you! Perfect for events, conferences, weddings, reunions, or just about any gathering, guesterly® keeps your guests connected in such a unique way. Easily send your guest a link and they fill out their own profile which automatically generates into your guesterly®​ for you to wow the guests at your next event!​ ​A​ guesterly® booklet is available in print or digital formats.

First, you will need to go to ​www.guesterly.com​ and create an account. Then you can choose your font for your guesterly, and color scheme. From there you choose the questions you would like your guests to answer. Lastly, you send your guests an email through the website and they follow a link from the email and fill out their information to be included in your guesterly! Once the responses start pouring in you can arrange them however you would like! You can add program pages, welcome pages, and much more! Simple, easy, and quick to create!

What are some of your favourite memories and experiences from previous couples that you’ve worked with?

Here’s a testimonial from one of our very favorite brides Leslie:
“Making our guesterly guide was such a great decision! Since 99% of our guests came in from out of town, guesterly was a lifesaver in communicating all details in one, quick-reference place, including our schedule of events and logistics (parking, transportation, etc.). Plus, it was amazingly useful to connect our guests in advance: we had friends in San Francisco—who hadn’t met before—who coordinated a ride to the airport together!”

“Everyone knows that the best part of your wedding is being surrounded by all of your favorite people. But even better? Watching them all meet and have a blast with each other!”

“As much as I loved the way our guesterly guide helped our guests hit it off, I also loved that they thought I was a magician for creating it. After the weekend, a family friend sent an email saying “WOW! You thought of absolutely every detail. We particularly loved the guest guides: how organized and thoughtful of you!”

“If only they knew that it barely took any time! And for the cost of a cheese plate? Yes, please! If you’re debating whether you should make a guesterly, seriously, don’t hesitate. It’s a truly unique touch that all but guarantees your wedding will be more fun and makes you look like a rockstar.”  – Leslie Z

How do you know if guesterly® is going to be right for you and for your wedding?

I​f you’ve always dreamed of an intimate wedding, where your favorite people from all parts of your life connect like old friends then guesterly is for you! If you’re looking for a fun wedding program that has all the details of your event in one place then look no further!

What’s your advice to couples planning their wedding (and maybe considering using guesterly® too!)

Have fun and enjoy the wedding planning process! Because every couple and every wedding is different, our software is setup to help our customers have creative freedom with their design. We want our guesterly couples to enjoy the process of creating their unique guide, with our help every step of the way.

Finally, what’s your motto?

The heart of guesterly is all about bringing people together: we believe that it’s people who make a night great, who make a wedding memorable, who make life special.

The team at guesterly would love to offer 25% off to Festival Bride readers with code FESTIVAL* – just use this as you checkout!

A huge Festival-loving thank-you to Lorne and Rachel – how great is guesterly®?! If you’d like to find out more about these personal wedding books, then hop on over to their website or check out their listing in our festival wedding directory.


Wedding beauty on its way!

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