Yorkshire Brides still looking for your wedding dress, listen up! Ghost Orchid Bride, named after the most mysterious of the British wildflowers, is a new modern bridal boutique based in East Yorkshire who provide breathtakingly beautiful boho-luxe, ethereal, modern and classic wedding dresses. We’re talking dresses from the likes of Daughters of Simone, Odylyne The Ceremony, & For Love, Howling Moon and many more. Their mission is to offer their brides an extra-ordinary bridal boutique experience and service where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Finding that ‘one’ dress isn’t always easy so finding a boutique that makes you feel like you can be yourself is so important and that’s what Ghost Orchid Bride strives to be.

We asked Katey and Nicole, the owners of Ghost Orchid Bride, a few questions about their gorgeous boutique, the dresses and accessories they stock and the sort of brides their boutique will appeal to the most.

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

Ghost Orchid Bride is a fashion orientated Yorkshire bridal boutique. The concept evolved from my passion to help people feel good through their unique interpretation of clothes and fashion. I’ve always found beauty in the unexpected and feel people’s individuality should be celebrated not diluted. When is there a truer expression of yourself and your story than your wedding day? Why then do we see the same old gowns over and over again? At Ghost Orchid Bride we have a fun, unpretentious yet stylish take on bridal and offer totally luxurious designer bridal gowns and accessories in a modern relaxing showroom. I’ve always been more of a behind-the-scenes kind of girl, working my magic to help others shine and with Ghost Orchid Bride I’ve never been happier than when i’m helping our brides to feel amazing on their wedding day.

If you had the chance to go to one music festival which would it be and why?

When I had more spare time, I would religiously go to Glastonbury Festival. There’s just something magical about the atmosphere there. Year after year me and my friends would gather round first thing on that Sunday morning when the tickets would go on sale and make it an almost military mission to get them. A military mission with buttered crumpets and pots of tea of course. Now though, I would LOVE to got to South by Southwest in Austin. I’m pretty obsessed with all things American and I feel it has really kept it’s integrity, showcasing known and unknown credible artists without selling out too much commercially. Plus it looks like a blast!

What made you start Ghost Orchid Bride?

As a child I was a keen little wannabe artist, sketching fashion designs and wedding dresses. I channeled this and studied fashion design  while working in stores amongst labels such and Moschino, Dolce and Gabbana and Versace. The aim was always to work in the bridal fashion industry. Long story short, life took me on another career path but I always kept an eye on the industry. It’s just such an exciting time for bridal right now, with couples really going all out to reflect their personality in to their wedding in so many different creative ways. I’ve always been one to champion the differences and quirks that make people  beautiful and this just made it the perfect time to open a  boutique that really focuses on celebrating the non-traditional while keeping an eye on style and fashion trends.

What makes your boutique stand out from the crowd?

Although serious about helping brides find their wedding outfit, we want to keep the whole bridal experience as light and fun as possible. We are all about saying “sees ya later” to boring stuffy old cliched bridal rules and saying “oh heyyy” to the modern, cool and exciting. Having said this, it is by far the amazing global designers that we carry that make us stand out from the crowd. We really want to keep our selection exclusive yet desirable and have put a lot of research into our collection. For example, we are the only UK stockists of our Canadian brand & FOR LOVE and have brides coming from all over the UK for these edgy unique gowns.

How would you best describe a Ghost Orchid Bride?

A Ghost Orchid Bride is a woman who wants to celebrate her individuality and capture the true spirit of her and her partner in their wedding day. A Ghost Orchid Bride wants to feel like the best her on her wedding day…but ultimately still her! She wants to wow her partner and guests with an awesome dress but not shock them by walking down the aisle looking like a totally different person, just because of a set of out of date “bridal rules”.  Ok…ultimately she is a total bad ass, cool as hell, strong woman who isn’t afraid to break the rules and push the boundaries in the name of staying true to herself.

Tell us about your wedding dresses and the designers that are available to your brides?

At Ghost Orchid Bride we have a really well thought out curation of bridal gowns. So much time and energy was spent choosing the perfect designers to capture our vibe. Because it’s our mission to champion the unique, we really wanted a variety of styles to cater to all cool brides. From minimalist chic, to romantic boho, urban glam or ethereal princes we are really proud to have such an array of gowns in just one place, while really keeping the focuses on style and fashion. Our awesome designers who have enabled us to do this are: 


Daughters of Simone

Odylyne the Ceremony

Chantel Lauren

We also advise joining our mailing list to keep ahead of the game in terms of new designers we will be adding and special trunk show events.

And you stock bridal accessories too?

We have a great choice of bridal accessories from the ultra stylish Naturae Design who (as the name would suggest) uses the beauty of nature to inspire her pieces. Whether woodland, celestial, lunar or oceanic, Naturae Design really capture the moods of the moment. We are also so excited to be stockists of Howling Moon who use powerful healing quartz crystals to make the most stunning distinctive crowns and tiaras. We are totally loving what’s coming out of Canada right now and newest to the collection are the amazing headpieces and veils from Canadian Olivia the Wolf. The range with Olivia the Wolf is great and we are loving their minimalist swarovski crystal headbands alongside their boho halos and waxed leaved hair clips…you really need to check them out.

What sort of service can brides expect when visiting your store?

At Ghost Orchid Bride we are super friendly and super laid back.  While ensuring brides get the professional and knowledgeable service they deserve, we are totally down to earth and want to give brides the breathing space to express what they want and listen to their instincts. We invite you in for an informal chat over a nice cold Prosecco or beer to get an idea of your expectations and desires. We will then assist you throughout the rest of your private appointment to explore and try all of your favourite pieces. We appreciate that although it is SO exciting choosing your wedding dress, it can also be a little overwhelming with brides sometimes feeling bewildered. Our aim is to make brides feel comfortable and at home. We don’t want brides to feel intimidated by this new experience, we want them to feel relaxed and to have loads of fun!

What’s your best piece of advice for brides trying to choose their wedding dress?

It might not be very glamorous to acknowledge this but…wait for it…you might find more than one “the one” (I know, shock horror right?) I think there is an expectation that you are are going to get this lightning bolt feeling with just one dress, that in comparison all others fade. Sometimes, this is in fact the case but you might also be just as lucky to find a number of dresses that you love equally, that all look amazing on you. Not recognising this as the blessing that it is, brides sometimes continue the search for this one “lightning bolt” gown only to realise after months and months of looking and more confusion, that it doesn’t always work this way. Listen to your inner voice, even if it means going back to try the gowns on alone. Forget what other people will think. Ask yourself, which gown can you just not get out of your head? Envisage your wedding day, which is going to allow you to have the most fun? When all is said and done, your wedding day is a personal celebration of your love and don’t let the search for other people’s idea of perfection dampen that.

Finally, whats your life moto?

In Lewis Carol’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, when the Mad Hatter asks Alice if he has gone totally mad, Alice replies…

“I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.”

I think this is true. It take’s a few wonderful “bonkers” people to set the pace!

You can read more about Ghost Orchid Bride in our Festival Wedding Directory.


Wedding beauty on its way!

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