Today we are shouting about an extremely cool Wedding Photographer – Anneli Marinovich. We love her bright, fresh and beautiful style. She captures couples very naturally in beautiful surroundings and with great light!! Here is a bit about Anneli in her own words…


Originally from South Africa, I have now been living in the UK for almost 8 years. I met my husband over here and we tied the knot back in sunny Cape Town back in 2009. The travel bug bit me a long time ago and I haven’t stopped since! Whether it’s hopping over to Europe for a weekend / a road trip around the US (hubby and I did Route 66 in 2010 and we’re doing Florida & South East USA this year).

IU-pVvbtXeHKvFnqAnOuI1uCtPnqcuZMH8Pl-aUCgroDiscovering & photographing how other people live & their interesting cultures is an incredible experience and one that I will never tire of! I also love watching films & documentaries or wandering around London, going to markets & sipping a cold beer with friends on the Thames during summer.

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I got into wedding photography after our own wedding in 2009, shot my first London wedding in May 2010 and haven’t looked back since! I love a good wedding and count myself very lucky to be able to capture one of the most important days of a couple’s lives.


The two main words I would use to describe my wedding photography style, is relaxed & natural. I work with each couple to really capture what they’re all about. I photograph the majority of the day as it unfolds, very unobtrusively. Adding some ‘light direction’ to the couple photos & bridal preparations, I make the most of the setting & available natural light, which gives my work that relaxed, natural, yet beautiful look & feel. Many of my couples have told me how relaxed they felt while being photographer during their Engagement Shoot & Wedding Day, and that’s really important to me – putting my clients at ease and then having fun together.


If you would like to know more about Anneli then please check out her website or get in touch via email xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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