Good morning, guys! I mean… Could that opening image look any more fun?! I don’t think so! Now, if you’re one of that 0.2% of the population that’s not so fussed when it comes to a photo booth, then this post probably isn’t for you… But the rest of the world population, you’re gonna LOVE this!

When Megabooth dropped by our inbox to say hey, we immediately knew we had to have them on the blog! The self-proclaimed ‘Alice in Wonderland’ of the photo booth world are just insane! (In a totally good way!) They’ve thought of photo experiences that I couldn’t of dreamed of and made them a reality and, to be point blank, if you wanna have a shed load of fun at your wedding, you just need to get them involved! From the master of weird facial expressions, to the selfie queen… Your guests are going to love this!

Let’s hear what this fun-loving company have got to say for themselves…



Tell us a little about yourself…

Megabooth is the leading photo booth experience company in the UK and is simply the best and most quirky brand in the business. Providing an unrivalled quality service for almost 10 years the enthusiastic, and occasionally eccentric, Megabooth team work tirelessly year after year to introduce innovative and immersive photo experiences for weddings.

If you had a chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be?

Burning Man – partying in a desert with like minded hedonistic festival goers!



What made you decide to start Megabooth?

Megabooth began their lives taking a retro Austin Mini Cooper photo booth to festivals across the UK. From T in the Park and Glastonbury, to Lovebox and Latitude; you name it, Megabooth have been there!

Picture the whole Megabooth team squashed into a tiny MINI driving up and down the M1…

Tell us a little bit more about your photo booths…

Megabooth is the Alice in Wonderland of the photo booth world, providing quirky, colourful and immersive photo experiences beyond compare.

We include everything in our packages from unlimited printed photos, 3D floral photo booths and backdrops to guestbooks and personalised number plates for our taxi photo booths.

Megabooth’s huge range of wedding props ensure there will never be a dull moment on your wedding day.



What are some of your favourite memories + experiences from previous weddings/couples you’ve worked with?

I’m struggling to name one single memory or experience from a wedding, but knowing that we’ve have made a bride and groom’s special day truly unforgettable by creating memories that will last a lifetime is just the tonic we need!

If our readers were to hire one of your booths for their wedding, what can they expect?

We treat every wedding with a personal touch, we work with the bride and groom to ensure their experience with us is unique and tailored to them and their special day.

Here’s what one of our previous couples thought:

If you’re in two minds as to whether to go with Megabooth photo booth hire, our suggestion would be to not think twice. In fact, cancel the cake and book the Mini – you definitely won’t regret it and your guests will be talking about it for months after! – Matt & Nick




How do you know if Megabooth is right for your wedding?

Megabooth is the ORIGINAL wedding photo booth company in the UK, no wedding day is too big or too small.

Megabooth’s stunning range of photo booths include classic open air photo pods, wedding taxis and unique floral background arrangements, there really is something for everyone!

What’s your best piece of advice for couples who’re trying to choose a photo booth?

When choosing a photo booth for your wedding you need to consider everything, the theme of your wedding, the space, time of the year and number of guests you have. That’s why in the past few years we have expanded on our range with more interactive photo experiences.

If a photo booth isn’t your thing, we also offer hashtag printing, which is the latest technology to make your wedding day go viral.

Megabooth is passionate about inspiring people to engage at weddings, and our ‘photo booth in your pocket’ software means you can upload photos from your phone to Instagram and Twitter using a specific wedding hashtag and then get them printed in a polaroid style from a dedicated printing station.

Finally, what’s your life quote/motto?

Grab a prop and smile!

forest white taxi

Awesome fun with instant, take home memories… What more could you want from your wedding entertainment?!

You can find Megabooth being all kinds of awesome in our directory right now – drop them a line and let the photographic fun commence!

We’ll see you back here for another 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely tomorrow – don’t miss it!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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