n4Evening all!

I hope you guys have got your whisks in hand, ready to whip and flip some amazing pancakes this evening! Well, while you leave that batter to chill in the fridge for a bit, we thought we’d do a quick (nevertheless thorough!) run down of our top ten favourite napkins for your wedding breakfast.

Sounds kinda mundane, huh?

Yah. So, little secret (probably definitely shouldn’t be admitting this), but I totally like, TOTALLY, didn’t remember napkins for our wedding reception. No, for real. They did not cross my mind at any point during any stage of the planning or the day itself (perhaps I could be forgiven for not thinking of them on the day, mind elsewhere and all that, ha!)… So I guess what I’m tryna say is, to all our guests: sorry! My bad that you didn’t have something to clean your chops/mitts with!


And on that note, I thought it might be wise just to bring this subject up as a helpful little reminder to those brides in the chaotic (yet beautiful) midst of planning: NAPKINS. Girl, don’t forget napkins!

They can completely make a place setting, solidify a colour scheme, give a personalised feel to your tablescape and even provide the perfectly textured backdrop for your guest’s place name or menu.

No really, they’re like trés important.

Don’t believe me? Please scroll!

n1 2Left: Ruffled Blog  Right: Style Me Pretty

n5n3 12Left: Local Milk  Right: Just My Type

n7n6 13Left: Ruffled Blog  Right: Sugar and Cloth

n9n8 11Left: Rock n Roll Bride  Right: Tamryn Kirby

n10Case. In. Point.

So when I kicked off the research for this, inspired by the amazing tablescapes of Kinfolk and Local Milk, I was totally hitting up gorgeous cloth napkins left right and centre. Then I pulled it back, and simultaneously gave myself a slap round the face with a festival flag and my bank card as I thought to myself…

‘Yeah, sure like everyone can afford (and actually wants to indulge) on cloth napkins at £5 a piece for 100 guests…’

Nope. Nada. Keine.

So, below you’ll find a mix of cloth napkins for those with a smaller guest list, or who really wanna maintain that luxe vibe within their outdoor venue, as well as some of the coolest paper based napkins, which FYI are totally ace and acceptable if y’all are rocking some sort of casual dining option. Think street food vans, BBQs, stone-fired pizzas…. Did I mention we have some SERIOUSLY rad caterers in our directory?!

Ok let’s go!

one: blue ikat by unoriginal american

Fresh off the back of the deep indigo Shibori trend and as we see more deep blue cropping up for this summer’s weddings (did you see our delft blue mood board last week?) these blue ikat cloth napkins are just…

Well, SWOON. All one can do is swoon.

n31Urgh. Gimmie already.

I’m sensing my bank card is going to suffer as a result of this post!

two: union fish by rowen + wren

Because wildlife, screen printed on to a gorgeous, crisp white linen is just the bees knees.

Or should that be fish’s gills?

n28Perfect if your hitting up a pescetarian main course or your venue is beachside!


three: bright florals by bouf

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock for the last couple of months (if so, welcome back!) you’ll have noticed some serious amounts of bright yellow popping up across fashion and homeware stores and these napkins are just IT. J’adore.

Oh and FYI, they’re also available in fuchsia and turquoise.

n29Aren’t they just a burst of sunshine?!

Totally awesome for a summer wedding. Such happy, party vibes!

four: betsy floral by liberty london

Every body loves a floral. But it’s gotta be the right floral, ya know?

Here at FBrides HQ we love a bold colourful, ditsy print. It just screams ‘late spring in a wild flower meadow’.

n30Liberty have nailed it.

(Like we’d expect anything less!)

five: neons + circles by anthropologie

Oh, Anthro.

Their designers just cannot put a foot wrong. But, REALLY.

Natural linen cocktail napkins with just a hint of neon at their edge or a ditsy print with tiny quilted spheres at their corners; we want need them all, like NOW.

n22 23Man, we’d live in that shop if we could.

No, I’m kiddin’. Hmm, kinda.

seven: naturals by rowen + wren

Perfect for an understated, muted palette, these herringbone pieces would make the perfect backdrop to a place name or menu card.

Just add a sprig of lavender and you’re good to go!

n27Simple really is best sometimes.

These cool minimal shades open a multitude of doors for your colour scheme too!

eight: french ticking cloths by little blu nest

Natural. Rustic. Handmade.

They just ooze understated French country chic, non?

n32Against a reclaimed wood surface, these cloths are just beyond.

nine: paper brights by IKEA

Ok! So let’s hit up some paper goodness! Check it:

70p for 50 napkins

Brides on a budget who still want brights in their life, we got you!

n15 From plain beautiful hues, to Aztec triangles, to these gorgeously delicate Swedish prints, IKEA are a fail safe.

Everybody loves a #weddinghack

n18n21Loving that last style.

Moroccan vibes anyone? YES!

ten: paper patterns by John Lewis

And last, but my-goodness not least!

Good ol’ JL have put some serious time into their paper napkin deigns and we might have like £20’s worth in our basket (Whoops!)

From Delft blue, right through to pink tie dye (um, HELLO AWESOMENESS) to their feathered Pow Wow designs, we are just besotted!

n24 n25 n26aYou can base the entire design and colour scheme of your wedding around a napkin, right? Right?!!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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