6aGooood morning!

…And happy freakin’ FRIDAY!

Oh, and happy Solar Eclipse also!

Oh and happy first day of Spring! (FINALLY! RIGHT?!)

Oh and happy international Happiness day!

GOODNESS, too much excitement already, need a lie down! Ok, article over, thanks bye!

No, I’m kiddin’! This fine, albeit a little darker than normal, Friday we bring you ten tiny offerings, ring boxes to be precise!

A detail easily overlooked, the ring box/dish/cushion is all kinds of important!

Whether you choose to have an official ‘ring bearer’ at your wedding, or if you’re going a little more casj like we did, and simply leaving the best man/maid of honour to present your rings during the ceremony, or if you want the rings cased and presented on a table during the ceremony until you exchange them…

However you do it, it’s kinda a big moment, ya know?

So the box/dish/cushion you choose to harbour your precious new additions should also (we believe) be kind of a big deal!

…And when I say ‘big deal’ you know I mean ‘entirely alternative and like no other box/dish/cushion you’ve ever seen holding wedding rings before in your life ever’!

You know how we do here at FBrides! So kick back, take it mighty easy this Friday morning and maybe get a friend to hide your purse before you start reading, ’cause I guarantee you gon’ wanna spent some do once we get into this!

So now, in no particular order, let’s go!

Ps. I should totally mention that I’ll be throwing in some beautiful quotes as a bit of vow inspiration along the way! Because we like to keep things fresh and hey, it’s Friday, I’m in love!

one: marble muse by My Dubio

Because that marble trend has not gone anywhere, my friends!

We are still majorly crushin’ on all things marble, and this ring box is no exception!

Simple, circular, clean lines and I can only imagine how smooth and luxurious it feels to touch, this little box is just beyond. It’s unassuming, classy as hell and a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

4a4Man, it’s so gorgeous!

The white/grey colour palette is so on trend right now as well; minimal, chic and timeless. Swoon, girls, swoon.

two: white-on-white by Renee Love

Keeping things fresh and light, this scalloped clay dish is white-on-white at it’s finest.

We just LOVE how the yellow gold shimmers against this matte white clay, and that Japanese wave pattern? It’s forever one of our faves.

55b135a5cAvailable entirely plain or stamped and with our without that divine scalloped edge… We.Want. Them. All.

So dang beaut!

three: the giving hands by Rockett St. George

One word for you, guys: investment.

I know, I know. A hundred big ones. Not the most budget-friendly option, but would you look at them?! They’re insanely beautiful.

Made from solid marble, these giant hands are just everything if you’re thinking of simply presenting your rings on a side table during the ceremony.

Like, for real, it’d be like taking your rings out of the giant hands of some sorta love god… You know?!

12I need them in my life, so bad.

Don’t they feel like they’d become some sort of heirloom that you’d pass down through the family, with some incredible fable (made up by yours truly) attached to them?!

I digress, but you know I’m right! Haha!

four: L’amour by Anthropologie

Because French is the language of love and because, hello?! We love those playful letters!

And that blue/white palette, I mean! You need more of that in your life and you can get it right here.

11aElegant, French chic? Check.

Playful, coy Parisian vibes? Check.

Could you ask for any more?

five: belle ville de Paris by Anthropologie

…Because you can never have too much Paris in your life!

Whether he/you proposed there, whether you’re honeymooning there, or whether you’re just a Pairisian it-girl wanna-be…

*ahem me ahem*

…Y’all need this sweet little addition at your ceremony, and then on your bedside table later!

2Anthro are just killin’ it, non?!

Give us all dem’ Paris vibes.

six: a porcelain piña by Rockett St. George

Remember we wrote to you guys about our love fore la Piña back in October?

Whelp. That love story is still going strong, babes!

Taking a cue from the world of interiors (where everything, no really EVERYTHING, is a pineapple right now) we just adore this small all white storage jar.

Add a little cushioning; some all natural hessian material? Maybe even filled with dry sand for supreme beach vibes and top with your rings for the ultimate island-inspired vessel.

1111aSeriously, though.

Give us all the pineapple.

seven: everything by Here and Now

No really, everything.

So, I began browsing the Here and Now shop on Etsy, having discovered this insanely beautiful geometric glass dome…

66b…Like, whaaaa?! It’s SO gorgeous. We just adore it’s natural formation and the coppered metal?! COME ON!

Then, I realised, we couldn’t stop there, Here and Now was awash with amazing little glass vessels that I simply HAD to share with you!

Paper boat, anyone? HELL YES.

77a7b…I can’t deal.

Little glass and metal trinket boxes are pretty hot right now, we know that, but these designs are so original and like nothing else we’ve seen on the market.

And then, as if a geometric dome and an origami paper boat wasn’t rad enough, she went and did this…

88aAnd you KNOW we can’t resist anything Evil Eye here at FBrides! A symbol of protection and good fortune, we just adore!

And because we love this store so much we just can’t even stop…

99a9b14 …Seriously, Here and Now store, my whole heart.

It’s all yours!

eight: the little brass bowl by Rockett St. George

Ok, so this beautiful bowl is actually designed to be a ‘nibbles’ dish…

…But it’s WAY too pretty for a bag of Doritos. Am I right?!

we love the idea of cushioning on the base of this engraved brass dish with whatever material you please, and placing your rings within.

10It feels like it’s travelled far and wide to make it to your wedding, right?

Yup, totally ordered one of these. Somebody, send help!

nine: mini Moroccan Tagines by Sainsbury’s

Ha! I know right?!

There are just SO many surprises in that title.

Tagine? WHA?!

Sainsburys? WHAAA?!

Run with me, girl. This is one of my more eccentric ideas, BUT even been in a home store (let’s say TK Maxx, seen as that’s where I got the idea) and been all like: ‘this tableware is just WAY too pretty to be tableware!’

…And that’s how you reach the conclusion that mini tagines make totally rad ring boxes.

3 copy  Plus, Moroccan styling?

MAJOR trend right now, so these little richly patterned beauts are on point.

ten: everything by the object enthusiast

Again, no jokes, we love EVERYTHING this lady puts her hands to.

Seriously? There are no words. Just look.

1616a16c1516b16e16d16g16fRIGHT?! Are they not the prettiest little handmade dishes you have ever seen?! And the symbolism of that last one?! I die!

Have yourself a fabulous Friday and an AMAZING weekend, friends!

There are so many reasons to be happy! MWAH!

Peace + Love

Clare X



Wedding beauty on its way!

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