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We are taking you to the shores of the Mediterranean today with a gorgeous beach styled bridal shoot captured by Quattro Studio and featuring a stunning beaded and lace wedding gown by Atelier Kanto.

We love the simplicity of this shoot with its natural setting, romantic photography, simple styling and barefoot bride. There is something so endearing and beautiful about a lone bride on a beach and this shoot captures this so perfectly. It’s carefree, romantic, slightly mystical and relaxed and we love that it explores the surrounding coastline as well as the beach and sea.

Mary and Maurizio of Quattro Studio, two fantastic destination photographers from Italy, talk us through the shoot…..

An Enchanted Bride

There are some places that can literally leave us breathless, like an enchanted beach with a surreal and almost magic atmosphere.

Sabrina, a fascinating bride, is the protagonist of a marriage surrounded by nature and sea. Mary and Maurizio of Quattro Studio catched the most intense moments of this special day through their lens.

It was an overcast morning when you don’t know if it will rain or if the sun will come out and we decided to wander through the coast searching for an inspiring location for such a lovely bride. The day started with a long walk through the pinewood, through every type of plants of the Mediterranean maquis shrubland, with the scent of flowers and the whisper of the wind through the branches of the trees. It was an amazing walk full of colours and delightful smells. Finally we reached the beach, the atmosphere was very quiet, almost imaginary with an unreal silence, the light was fantastic. The only travelling companion was the lapping of the sea.


The warm and fine sand invited to walk barefoot and Sabrina was feeling completely at ease. The ethereal atmosphere, almost mystical was the perfect scenography for her wedding dress made of precious fabrics and small pearls, designed by Atelier Kanto. The bride had a lush bouquet of roses and small daises and a simple garland of fabric roses in her hair.

The sun penetrated between the clouds with it’s rays, the pale colours, the light whispering of the wind emphasized the atmosphere of such an amazing place, an autenthic enchanted beach, the ideal location for a beautiful boho chic bride like Sabrina.

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The Line Up

Photography: Quattro Studio


Wedding beauty on its way!

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