You may remember a few months ago we ran a competition for a lucky couple to win an engagement shoot with the lovely and talented Heline Bekker Photography at our gorgeous woodland wedding venue in Kent. That lucky couple turned out to be Emma and Chris, two gorgeous people who are planning their festival wedding for 2016. The best part about it was they had only just booked the woodland for their wedding so this shoot would be the perfect opportunity for them to spend more time soaking up the surroundings of the venue and sussing out which areas would make a perfect photo. It was obviously meant to be!

Emma and Chris were an absolute delight to spend the afternoon with. They embraced everything Heline threw at them and it was very clear to see how much they loved each other. It was a fantastic day.

We asked Chris and Emma a bit about the shoot, how they first met and of course, their wedding plans……

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How did you guys meet?

We met when we were 17, Chris worked with my brother and he joined our group of mates! We have been flirting ever since then!

What did you do for your first date?

Chris took me to London to a beautiful sushi restaurant and then walked me right passed Ronnie Scott’s to a bar, where we had a couple of vino’s/beer, we then left and little did I know that he had booked us tickets to Ronnie’s (only the most awesome jazz club that I had always wanted to go to), I was soooo chuffed and excited! We tapped the night away to a wicked band called Soulive! And the rest is history 🙂

WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-001 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-006 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-010 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-011 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-015 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-016 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-018 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-022 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-024 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-025 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-030 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-031 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-036

Who proposed and where?

It was early December 2014 and Chris bought a beautiful Jag XR home from work and whisked me to London for the weekend, where we checked into the ME Hotel on the Strand, we then went ice skating at the Natural History Museum and back to the hotel, where we got ready and headed to the Radio Bar on the roof top. The Christmas lights were glistening and the cocktails were so scrumptious, he then took my hand and…well that would be telling, but let me tell you, I was sooo happy, over the moon, nervous, ecstatic, excited and in love. I’m a lucky lady!

Can you tell us a bit about your plans for your wedding?

We both love festivals and music and didn’t want a traditional generic wedding, so we thought why not have a woodlands festival to tie the knot. We searched online for ‘festival weddings’ and up popped Festival Brides. We contacted them and found the Woodland in Kent. It was the only venue we looked at and fell in love with it immediately. Such a beautiful setting, with great owners and ethos…winner!

WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-039 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-042 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-043 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-045 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-049 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-050 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-051 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-053

Tell us a bit about the engagement shoot?

The shoot was fantastic, such a lovely opportunity that we would never have done normally, well at least Chris wouldn’t hehe! We aren’t very ‘cheesy’ so we both found it a little embarrassing, but actually the photographer Helena was so sweet. She kept us really at ease and we giggled about the ones where we felt silly 🙂 The venue is so naturally beautiful, so the setting couldn’t have been better, the sun even came out towards the end which bought out such a warm lovely feel to the pictures.

Lastly, if you could choose any festival to go to, which one would it be and why?

Only one?! Well we love Glasto because there is something for everyone, it’s green and everyone is there to have a good time. But we love loads!

WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-057 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-059 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-060 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-064 WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-065WEB-sized-Squirrel-Woods-Shoot-Heline-Bekker-116

The Line Up

Photographer: Heline Bekker Photography
Venue: Festival Brides Venue

Thank you so much to Heline for such beautiful images and to Emma and Chris for being fantastic models!

If you would like more information on our gorgeous woodland wedding venue then please check out our venue page or email us for more information. We are also holding a viewing day on the 16th August so please get in touch if you would like to come along.

Big Woodland Love

Laura xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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