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Well, it might be a seriously grey, rainy day, but we’ve reached the week’s half way point and my goodness have we got some tasty treats in store for you guys this morning! This trend has been surfacing over on Instagram for a good few months now, as some of the trendiest US and UK bakeries wholeheartedly embrace this new look for celebration cakes, and indeed wedding cakes: drizzled icing.

It screams pure luxury: there’s a notion of overindulgence as the caramel or chocolate ganache is poured, oozing over the edges of a perfectly finished cake, leaving every bake looking utterly unique and a little nonchalant, we think!

The drizzle cake is original, rustic and right on trend for the autumn 2015 and going into 2016, and we’re gonna show you the multitude of ways to embrace this design! Starting with our favourite…

Caramel De Lux

So, you might’ve seen some of these caramel drizzled beauties appearing over on our Instagram page for a little while now, and that’d be because we’re straight up OBSESSED with them.

As we head towards autumn, that glossy sheen of burnt orange covering a perfectly white iced cake is some serious eye candy, pair it with a dark backdrop and some eucalyptus leaves and I’m ALL yours.

202911 15Left: Sylvie and Joan  Right: Marie Claire Maison

Topped with quartered figs, flowers or, for ultimate caramelised indulgence, top it with popcorn (did you see Nadia and David’s cake earlier this week, hearts for eyes!).

We just adore that deep, rich colour and shine… Not to mention how amazing it tastes!

16Heck. Yes.

These cakes are SURE to be crowd pleasers.

I’ll take one of each, delivered to my front door, with a fork, please!

Dark Decadence

Ok, so if you guys are all about the drama, then this drizzle style is for you!

The starkest of all the drizzles, a dark chocolate ganache, poured over a white iced cake is one of the most popular ways to take on this trend. It’s eye catching and it’s gonna get every chocolate lover swooning!

14197Again, the topping with this drizzle style is all important!

So many different concepts work, but each produces a completely different look to the cake and, to be honest, we’re having a hard time picking a favourite! We love the cake above, piled high with fruit, edible flowers and shards of chocolate it’s almost majestic!

That said, the drizzle cake works beautifully, just as it is:

25ruzecakehouseOversized flowers, always a ‘yes’ for us!

Wanna inject a little fun into your chocolate drizzle cake? Easy, just add a bit of colour (no really, only a bit, the palest of pastels work best!)…

3mudgeemade 2126Flowers in ice cream cones… Who knew that’d become a thing? We kinda love it though!

Not a pastel fan? Then why not go for pure dark indulgence: chocolate on chocolate (cue sighs of adoration!)…

2324That candied fruit and pistachio crumb topping is just perfection for a winter wedding, plus the Bundt shape just couldn’t be any cooler right now.

Speaking of Bundt cakes…

Bundt Beauty

We’re all kinds of besotted with Bundt cakes for the latter half of 2015.

Rustic, elegant and unusual, the Bundt can be topped with a white icing, caramel or chocolate and just a little sprinkle of something to finish…

1221917My gosh, they look gorgeous.

They’re got the perfect vibe for a woodland or barn wedding, don’t you think?

Go for a foraged-esq appearance, presenting them on a natural surface, a reclaimed wood board or slate stand, and scatter the topping, allowing it to fall naturally, crumbling on and around the cake.

Effortlessly cool and natural, they’ll reflect you and your outdoor wedding perfectly.

Original Glaze

Pardon the pun, but I just had to include these beauties in today’s post: totally original drizzle options that are sure to wow your guests.

First up, toffee icing. A twist on the original shiny caramel glaze, this opaque drizzle is a little lighter in colour and more lighter in flavour too.

Oh and can we just take a moment for the fact that this cake is in honour of ‘Friday’.

Somebody knows how to ace life, right?!

52 18Left: Martha Stewart Weddings  Right: Style Me Pretty 

4How beautiful are those drizzled naked cakes?

We all know that the world of weddings has been (for quite a while!) and is still (maybe forever more?) obsessed with naked cakes, so we love when a naked cake gets a little alternative spin and the drizzle is king!

Also, how gorgeous is the stacked cake above?! A naked drizzle cake, atop a perfectly iced cake base; the contrast is just everything. Beautiful!

Now, for the fruity among you, get a load of this!

62228I know I’ve been banging on about autumn so far in today’s post (it’s just the way I’m feeling today, sorry!), but summer IS still here and if you’ve got a late summer wedding (or maybe you’re planning for next year?) then hit up a bit of sweet strawberry drizzle to give your cake that extra oooh.

Both naked caked and, as we’ve coined them, ‘Nearly Naked’ cakes seriously benefit from a good drizzling of vibrantly coloured fruit sauce.

Decadent, summery freshness lavished all over your cake… Ok, anyone else salivating or is that just me?!

And onto red drizzle’s sweet little sister…

2713mudgeemade 1Pink drizzle and abundant florals are just a match made in heaven.

Bold fuschia on white or a pale pastel over a strawberry and cream-filled naked cake; if you’re a pink kinda girl, the rest is history really!

And finally, for some one off drizzle cakes that we’re just head over heels for:

Super classy white on gold…

mudgeemadeI mean! Does it get any more chic?!

An original style, timeless, thin-icing drizzle cake…

10An oldie, but a goodie!

And who said you had to conform to a single flavour drizzle?! Oh no!

This ombré style tiered drizzle cake is just BEYOND.

8Give us all the chocolates!

And that, my friends, is the world of drizzle cakes! Head over to our Wedding Cake board on Pinterest for more ideas!

We wanna hear from you guys though: what’s your take on the drizzle trend? Are you a fan? What are you planning to pour over your cake?

Leave us a comment below – we’re perfectly at our leisure spending the entire day dreaming of cake!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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