Happy Valentines Day! I hope you love birds are all celebrating in some way whether it be small or big. I completely forgot that it was V Day today (yes I am shocked too) so woke up with no expectations nor a card for Mr D. Terrible I know but we have been together for over 13 years now and, especially since we have been married, V Day has become a simple ‘Happy Valentines Day’ followed by a kiss and not much more and to be honest with you, I quite like that. Back in the day when we were first together, I needed and wanted to celebrate V Day in someway and expected a card and gift with words of adoration about how wonderful I am and how in love with me he is!! But the longer we have been together that need has grown less and less and I have realised today, when I was thinking is it sad that we don’t celebrate valentines day anymore, that its for the most wonderful reason. It’s not because we don’t love each other as intensely as we did before. Quite the opposite actually. It’s because now I feel the most secure and loved in our relationship than I have ever been and I am just not fussed about celebrating it. Please don’t think that means I am anti Valentines Day or that I think couples that do celebrate it are less in love than me because that is not what I am saying. Valentines day and what it represents is a wonderful thing as the engagement shoot we are sharing today illustrates. I just personally no longer feel the need to celebrate it and realising the reasons why that is today has put the biggest smile on my face.

Today’s bold and beautiful engagement shoot captured by Sarah Hearts Photography and featuring the gorgeous Krystal and Dean is inspired by their love, Valentines day and that gorgeous rich colour that is red. From Krystal’s fitted off the shoulder dress (which she looks utterly gorgeous in) to that beautiful floral choker by Floriffic Flowers – the colour of love is the main focus here and is what is pulling everything in the shoot together and we LOVE it. We have also been blown away by Krystal and Dean’s love for each other. If you have a spare 15 minutes then have a good read of this feature. The way they have described their love and what marriage means to them is just so beautiful and just makes this shoot even more perfect to be shared on Valentines Day.

Sarah Hearts Photography talks a bit about how the shoot came together followed by Krystal and Dean’s love story.

Enjoy gorgeous peeps.

A Valentines Inspired Engagement Shoot…

Where to start! Think gorgeous couple, amazing red dress, to die for florals, stunning vintage furniture, 100’s and 1000’s everywhere and a piglet named Blueberry!

This shoot was quite serendipitous. I said to Mel from Floriffic Flowers (the florist) that I want to do styled shoots with the seasons and she said well for Valentines day we need red roses and I said well it’s funny you say that because Krystal (our mutual bride) has bought a stunning red dress for her engagement shoot and the theme just kind of grew from there.

Mel designed all of the flowers and I found the amazing door (table) and chairs from our local tip shop and also sourced the platters for the table setting. Then followed the matching amber necklace and Mel just happened to have baby piglets so of course I was like um yes! It turns out Blueberry the pig loves hundreds and thousands which was useful for lead training!


One of my favourite quotes about love is by Elizabeth Gilbert…

To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow—this is a human offering that can border on miraculous. – Elizabeth Gilbert (from Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage)

This is something I have found with Dean, with him I can be my absolute self without shame or being reprimanded. I am loved unconditionally. This is what makes us work, I love him for him and he loves me for me.

Dean and I met whilst swiping right on a popular dating app. There was an instant connection, wifi puns aside, and without being too cliche, it truely was as if we had known each other for years.

We bonded over our love for fitness and zest for travel. “We truely are best friends, I have the most fun when I am with him, he makes me laugh until my belly aches.

They say if you can travel with someone then you should marry them, and in this case I hope it’s true! We aren’t without our faults, we do argue like all couples do but we always make up and move on.

Dean proposed on the 25th October 2015, on the top of Mount Jim Crow in the exact spot he first told me he loved me – this was also in my home town of yeppoon which also held sentiment. It was in the middle of the day, I complained the entire way, dripping in sweat and covered in dirt. I wasn’t suspecting it in the slightest. He proposed with a specially made “penguin pebble” (penguins give a perfect pebble to the mate they choose for life) then followed with a self designed rose gold diamond ring. We then left for Fiji the next week for a romantic get away and enjoy some time to soak it all in.

Dean is a true romantic and gentleman, on our first date he went and chose out and purchased me a dress to wear out to dinner as I “didn’t have anything to wear” he surprised me with it and flowers before we went out. I have kept all the rose petals from anniversary flowers, Valentine’s Day flowers etc. that will be used in the ceremony as “confetti”. He often leaves love notes around the house for me to find. I truly have hit the jackpot. We are so lucky to have found each other at such a young age.

We are planning our wedding for the 2nd September 2017, September is my fathers birthday month, and as we lost him last year, it means a lot to me and makes it feel as if he is a part of it all.

Our ceremony will be held at queens park followed by a ceremony at Paxton’s warehouse. We cannot wait to celebrate our love with our closest friends and family.


Krystal is like no other person I have ever met before, when ever she enters the room it’s like the whole room lights up with joy. She can make anyone happy, even when they are down. She shows me so much love, more love then anyone could ever imagine. She has the most amazing big beautiful blue eyes that I have ever seen, in which I could get lost for days. She is the most beautiful lady.

The Line Up

Photography: Sarah Hearts Photography
Location: Florist’s Home 
Krystal’s Dress: Mr K from Mavis May
Krystal’s Shoes: Nude from Zest Boutique
Hair: Funhouse Hair
Makeup: Caitlin Bowater
Engagement Ring: Michael Hill
Dean’s Suit & Tie: Roger David
Dean’s Shoes: Geox
Dean’s Watch: Fossil
Floral Designer: Floriffic Flowers
Cake: M.J.’s Catering
Platters: Mifsud’s Fresh Fruit Barn
Table & Chairs: Incredible Tip Shop
Glasses, Cutlery and Table Settings: Photographer & Florist’s Personal Collection


Wedding beauty on its way!

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