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After getting engaged at Glastonbury Festival in the rain surrounded by mud, David & Zuhamy knew that the only way they would be celebrating their wedding is by putting on a little mini festival inspired day for their family and friends!

Held at Winkworth Farm in Wiltshire on the 19th June 2015, David and Zuhamy hoped to create that famous chilled out festival vibe so all of their guests could release their ‘inner child’ and have lots of fun. They also wanted to include plenty of nods to Zuhamy’s Mexican heritage and did so with a mariachi band after the ceremony, Mexican folk art as favours, tequila shots and even a Mexican wave or two during the reception!

Their wedding looked like it was a lot of fun which is the perfect day in my eyes.

Look out for their awesome Glastonbury inspired 3 tiered cake!

David and Zuhamy talk us through their day…

Glastonbury, Rain, Ponchos and Mud On One Knee….

David: It’s hard to find any privacy in the Glastonbury festival, but the moment came during a pre-arranged meet up with friends, named twisto ( Glastonbury goers who are on twitter) before the bands took to the big stages. We found ourselves having to run to the shops in order to buy ponchos as an unexpected rain shower hit. Seizing the moment I  asked Zuhamy to come over and sit on a bench before producing the ring I had been carrying for the last 48 hours. On one knee I asked and she immediately accepted before rushing back to tell everyone else we had just left.

Zuhamy: David proposed at Glastonbury Festival, in the middle of mud, rain and some rubbish on the floor. He pulled me over to a bench asking me to have a minute with me. I thought it was odd that he actually ‘asked’ for time with me but I didn’t question it and said yes. He proceeded to go on one knee on the mud, pulled out a ring from a ribbon and said: would you marry me?

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Mexican Folk Art, Handmade Bunting and Alebrijes….

With traditional ‘Papel Picado’ at the Sunken Garden (“perforated paper”, literally “peckered paper” is a decorative craft made out of paper cut into elaborate designs. It is considered a Mexican folk art.)

Handmade English bunting in the Barn with handmade butterflies runners made by the Mother of the groom.

Alebrijes as favors attached to the place names. (Alebrijes are a Mexican folk art and are whimsical carvings depicting animals, people, objects, and imaginary creatures painted with intense colors and intricate patterns.)

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Favourite Moment…

We enjoyed the moments when we could see our friends and family enjoying themselves whilst we walked through the meadow.  We enjoyed living through the day we wanted to have. 

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Any Advice….

Have the wedding you want and don’t let other people or traditions tell you what to have on your wedding day. Also send the invites out early and enjoy the day. 

The Line Up

Photography: Martin Dabek
Venue: Winkworth Farm
Bride’s Dress: Oriental Pearl
Bride’s Shoes: J Maskrey Melissa Shoes
Bride’s Flower Crown: Scentiments Florist 
Groom’s Suit: 3 Piece Suit – Austin Reed; Bow Tie – Charles Tyrwhitt
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Coast
Hair: Pamela Wrigley 
Make Up: Pamela Wrigley 
Cake: Cake Chemists
Flowers: Scentiments Florists 
Mariachi Band: El Mexicano 
DJ & Master of Ceremonies: Discos for Hire 
Band : MadHen
Stationery: Cascade London 
Catering: Birch Catering


Wedding beauty on its way!

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