1What up dolls!

Today I wanna dare you to embrace a trend that’s been HUGE, like catastrophically huge, among the fashionistas this autumn and into winter: the dark, vampy lip.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Sure, paired with some ripped skinny jeans, and tousled locks, that’s a great look, but bridal? Meh, not so much!’

…That, darling, is where you’re wrong! Check out any high end, totally awesome bridal editorial right now and you’ll notice the lipstick shades are getting stronger and darker, and we are LOVING it!

9452 Now, just because I’ve decided to use the word ‘vampy’, that’s not to say that this strong lip look needs to be vampishly striking (although, if you’re up for that, get it girl!) deep berry hues can prove decidedly soft; less ‘about-to-suck-your-blood’ and more ‘sensual-velvety-soft-berries’… If you know what I mean!

It’s all about the lip tone that you choose, your method of application and the careful coordination of the rest of your look.

Not convinced? Check out these beautiful shots: dreamy, gentle and sultry…

63781112141315OK. So this is undoubtedly a defining moment in your daring voyage into the dark depths of the lip world; your colour choice.

Across the board right now, matte lips are where it’s at. So, whichever lipstick, liner or stain you go for you’re looking for a matte finish and if you can’t find the shade you’d like in a matte finish, try gently patting a translucent matte poser over the lip colour (we love this one by elf).

Colour wise, first up, a great nod to this trend without hitting up a full on deep shade of purple, is a slighty-deeper-than-you’d-normally-dare shade of red.

Those with paler, cooler complexions should look to wear something with a slightly bluer or purple undertone, on the Berry end of the scale, whereas those with a warmer skin tone need to focus more on hues with an undertone of orange or yellow, think deep, dark Crimsons.

161839 43Left: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily  Right: Kls3817Getting a little more daring and deeper, let those berry tones get even darker and more matte.

I mean, who needs a shiny gloss that’s gonna stick to your love’s lips, when you could have soft, velvet-like kiss? Case closed!

2526Note that all of these beautiful looks pair their deep lip colour with a strong, albeit natural looking, brow and minimal eye makeup. The brows balance the strength of the lip, while the almost bare eyes reiterate the notion that it’s really all ’bout that lip, ’bout that lip… #sorrynotsorry

Oh and while we’re here, we’re seriously huge fans of a deep berry shade for your digits too!

A simple, dark rouge mani, with a high-shine topcoat (just to contrast with those sublimely matte lips) is where it’s at for winter brides.

Sheer sophistication!

27FYI, we’re also still besotted by the petal pout. This concept totally works for a dark red lip, giving it dimension and sumptuousness.

3522If you don’t find yourself blessed with the strong brows or features (Uh, I feel your pain on the brow front, sister) needed to pull off this stronger lip trend, then you’ll wanna hit up this next style of product and application; the berry lip stain.

If your lips are on the thinner end of the scale (we can’t all have Angelina Jolie’s pout now, can we?!) the lessened pigmentation of a stain in a berry, or wine shade will work just perfectly for you!

Use a dabbing motion, either with your finger or a lip brush to apply the colour. We are MAJOR fans of the heavier, darker application at the centre of the lips, fading out towards the edge of the lip, creating a super soft edge.

Yes, it is kinda ‘Oops-I-ate-the-posioness-Nightlock-berries’, but we love it for that.

What a subtly striking look…

212019And then, for the more daring among you, whether you’re a brunette or a blonde (in our opinion, both can totally pull off this super stunning style), head on over to the dark side…


2410Be sure to exfoliate your lips before hand for these darker colours (to be honest, it’s a great starting point for any strong lip colour), we’re totally in love with Lush’s Mint sugar scrub and then apply a moisturising balm to give you the smoothest possible base.

For these darker shades, a crisp outer line is like SUPER essential too. The more pigmented a lipstick, the more precise y’all need to be in your application. Start with a lip liner, outlining and colouring in to help hold the lipstick. Then, to finish, minimise any bleeding along the edges by applying a small amount of concealer to a thin brush and then drawing around the lips, this’ll also gently highlight around the lip, making it look a little plumper… Can’t say no to a bit of that, can we?!

2823All that remains is for us to take a second to duh-ROOL over our lip wish list for this season…

Always matte, always dark and always the sultriest gal in the room!

31 Nars Audacious in Sandra32 Surratt Automatique Crayon in Shocking33 Mac Matte in Fashion Revival34  Chanel Rouge Allure in Elégante37

36Nars Semi Matte in Scarlet Empress

40 42Left to Right: Mac Beet, Nars Belle Mare, Mac Mahogany 

Whether you choose to embrace this trend for your entire wedding day, or maybe just decide to head over to the dark side for your evening reception, take a hint: all the good things in life (berries, wine, Chanel) usually come in a deep read hue and so should you!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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