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Today’s gorgeous and happy wedding is a bit bitter sweet for me. Bitter, because it falls on the day that David Bowie died, one of the greatest and most influential musicians of all time and an artist our country was blessed to produce, and sweet because despite today’s news, it has managed to bring a smile to my face. Once you scroll on down, you will see why.

Danielle and Jordan’s wedding is gorgeous. It is full of so many smiles, cool and quirky detail, colour and laughter that you just can’t help but be drawn in by it. Danielle has an excellent eye for style and detail. Pretty much everything you see was curated and styled by her. Her vision for their day was clear and she worked her socks off to pull it all together and create a day that was the perfect representation of everything her and Jordan loved.

From a handmade photo booth to a jenga style guest Book (I LOVE this idea), if you are looking for alternative ideas for your wedding then get ready to get your pinterest on!

Danielle talks us through their day…

A Bouquet of Flowers, A Card and One Knee….

5 Years ago on my 21st Birthday after being together for 4 years Jordan proposed! He took me to a nice local restaurant and then to a hotel where he had laid out rose petals on the bed saying I love you, with a bouquet of flowers and a card which I opened and inside it said ‘to my fiance.’ I turned around and he was down on one knee with the ring! 5 years later we were married just beforw our 10 year anniversary together.

Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-6 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-7 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-23 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-29 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-31 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-35 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-49

A Customized Wedding Dress and Bright Red Lips….

My dress was purchased from a factory outlet store in Burbage and was painstakingly customised by my uber talented mum! The belt added to dress was an ebay buy! It just shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune to feel like a million dollars!

My shoes were from Vivienne westwood for Melissa – my dress was actually chosen around my shoes as I had them first and I knew I wanted bright red lips too!

My hair was done by me. I do it everyday and I knew how I wanted it so thought I would save on cost and DIY it! My make-up was all bought from a Benefit make over in Debenhams and my bridesmaid Katie, who is a trained beautician, applied it all on the day for me.

A Beautiful Handmade Fake Bouquet…

My bouquet was handmade by a wonderful lady I found on eBay however on her Facebook page she does bespoke orders. Verity makes anything you ask and she created the perfect fake bouquet incorporating all my bridesmaids colours.

Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-91 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-110 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-112 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-121 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-124 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-131 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-136 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-137 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-147 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-158 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-166 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-171 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-196 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-203Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-237 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-247 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-260 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-265

A Relaxed Festival Wedding….

Both Jord and I are relaxed, laid back individuals and we wanted our day to reflect this, we knew we didn’t want stately homes and chair covers and we thought why not make our first festival our wedding!

We found Bawdon Lodge Farm on Facebook after a friend shared details of their Open Day. We were planning on booking another venue but met Lynn and Richard and fell in love with the farm and never looked back!

About 70 of our guests joined us in camping at the venue so we had the next morning together for brekkie also provided by the Bawdon Lodge team. It was lovely to extend the wedding celebrations with the hangovers the next morning!

Bawdon Lodge with the help of the suppliers helped to create our perfect day from beginning to end!

Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-270 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-275 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-279 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-283 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-296 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-300 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-304

Mix Match Bridesmaid Dresses and Handmade Clay Hearts….

My bridesmaid’s dresses were all bought from a mix of high street stores. I wanted the girls to be comfortable and wear something that suited them rather than putting them all in the same so there accessories and hair tied them all together.

Their shawls were from ebay and were £4 each. Their flowers were from Ikea and were hand tied with twine and handmade clay hearts that my mum had made.

Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-317 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-319 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-323 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-329 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-339 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-344 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-346 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-352 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-370 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-372 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-398 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-400 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-406 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-408 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-412

DIY Decor, A Great Vision and Alot of Hard Work….

I remember Jord finally realising why I was so stressed on the Friday night before the big day at 8.30pm when we got home after spending all day dressing the farm. He looked a bit gobsmacked and he just kept thanking me for everything I had done. On the day everyone was saying about all the little details which at some points nearly tipped me over the edge but they were the things that made it! The jam jar pics to the match box favours and the festival wrist bands. A homemade photobooth, Jenga guestbook, outdoor games, marshmallows over the fire and vintage china to the ceremony area which was dressed with 50 coloured pom poms, straw bales and wellies filled with flowers as well as a brand arch at the end of the walkway behind the giant tipis. There was also 200m of bunting again made by mother dearest! It was everything I had planned it to be and more. So everything you see was styled and pulled together by me. I had an image in my head and it’s exactly how it turned out to be! I know I am bias but I believe its the best wedding… EVER!!

Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-424 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-426 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-427 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-428 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-429 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-431 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-433 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-434 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-436 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-441 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-443 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-444 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-445 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-449 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-455 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-478 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-487 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-490 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-491 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-494 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-501 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-509 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-520 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-524 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-528Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-535 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-537 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-538 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-539 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-547 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-553 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-554 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-570 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-585 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-592 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-596 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-598 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-613 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-631


A Roasting Pig and Ploughman Boards….

The Roasting Pig company from Leicestershire provided our amazing Hog Roast complete with salad and new potatoes. Then later in the evening Appleby’s Catering from Hinckley provided our amazing ploughman boards which were demolished by the time I got to them so I never got to try them!

Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-649 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-663 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-667

7 Cakes!!

My amazing friend Amy and her sister in law made all 7 of our cakes! We didn’t want one big cake to go to waste so had 7 different so that we could use them as pudding and there was none left by the end of the day! From Guinness cake for the men to carrot, lemon and a pastel rainbow for our main centerpiece which we used for the cutting of the cake. They all tasted amazing!

Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-674 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-694 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-700 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-706 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-711 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-717 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-734 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-744 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-764 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-769 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-782 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-796 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-799 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-802 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-807

Favourite Moment….

Walking back down the aisle after our vows and I remember feeling so happy I could cry. We had done it! After months of planning we had said our vows and nothing else mattered. We were man and wife and we both just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of our day.

Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-818 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-831 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-842 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-845 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-849 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-873 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-878 Keownphoto.Dani&Jordan.-905

Any Advice….

It is the most stressful thing you will EVER do but it’s worth every minute. Stick to your guns, its your day and no-one else’s, no matter what pressure is put on you have the day your way.

To any brides out there, it may feel like you want to give up and will end up hating your wedding but trust me its worth the blood sweat, tears and stress. Once you have your husband by your side nothing else matters. Not even the fact you spelt someones name wrong on their place setting!

The Line Up

Photographer: Keown Photography
Venue: Bawdon Lodge Farm
Tipi: Sami Tipi
Bride’s Dress: A Factory Outlet and Customised by Bride’s Mother 
Bride’s Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Bride’s Headpiece: eBay
Bridesmaid Dresses: Various High Street Brands
Bridesmaid Shawls: eBay
Groom: Shirt – River Island; Waistcoat – ASOS; Dickie Bow – Vintage Christian Dior
Flowers: Bespoke Bridal Bouquets & Butterfly Cakes
Catering: Hog Roast – The Roasting Pig; Cheese Ploughmans – Appleby Catering
Cake: Homemade by Friend
Big Red Bus: Exclusive Car Hire
Décor: DIY
Stationery: Danielle Brown Design
Mobile Bar: Bespoke Bar Tenders 
Band & DJ: Jim Mcallister from Alive Network


Wedding beauty on its way!

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