So, today we’re gonna muse over the metal chameleon that is copper. A major trend right now across the design spectrum, interiors are a wash with pops of this warm metallic and even our favourite Birkenstocks come in this rose tinted shade; I mean! Copper needs to be used wisely, but used sparingly it can produce beautiful polished highlights or create warmth and texture when matte pieces are layered with foliage. It can produce a sense of sheer luxe alongside a monochrome palette, a truly boho feel when mixed with turquoise and mendi style designs, or (and this is my favourite) combined with the raw texture and muted greens of succulents or eucalyptus paired with unfussy nude linen, copper feels earthy and beautifully rustic.

Let’s explore the possibilities of this rose tinted metal, with some simple ways to incorporate copper into your gorgeous day.

Rose Tableware

Whether we’re talking highly polished dessert bowls, beaten looking goblets or cheese platters; copper tableware is a showstopper. We love the variety of textures available in crockery and the spectrum of effects they produce. Polished clean lines, with a geometric shape (like that last glass), will really highlight and shimmer against your existing palette, and hello? Think of the photos! No standard champagne glass shots here, thank you! Whereas matte copper mugs, paired with a paper straw and some pale green foliage, produce a warm, antique charm that we’re head over heels for.

If you want to fully embrace this concept, explore the history of the Moscow Mule: a vodka based cocktail with hints of mint that is traditionally severed in a copper vessel!

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Gorgeous, right? Just imagine that angles and dimples of that last glass reflecting in the sun; they’re really quite stunning!

Calligraphy Accents

Now, in case you’ve been under a rock for like the last year (!), when it comes to stationary, calligraphy is kind of a big deal right now. But new to the table are these gloriously swooping, curved fonts letter-pressed in a shimmering copper ink and aren’t they just incredible?! This subtle metallic shade works incredibly on matte white card, as well as looking killer against an inky navy. Be careful not to over do it, letting the copper sing through a clean cut design against an otherwise simple palette.

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Now, we’re suckers for a boho style pattern, that’s no secret, but these gorgeous repeating shapes stamped in copper are just a whole new level of beautiful, don’t you think? They’re luscious and almost glamourous, whilst maintaining that bohemian edge through the pinky metallic shade and the carefully chosen patterns. Put simply; we love.


Coppered Vases

I mentioned in the opening paragraph that I’m completely besotted with the rustic charm of copper, and there’s no better way to enhance its ‘straight outta the ground’ feel than to style it alongside textures and shades muted green. So whether its our favourite succulent favours in polished copper pots, or ingeniously sprayed tin cans, filled with cream carnations as a centrepiece; explore the nuances of copper: being an alloy, it has no set finish or hue, so play around with the pink and gold notes, to add depth to this incredible colour.

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…Come on, if copper and eucalyptus aren’t a match made in heaven, I don’t know what is!

It’s in the Details

It certainly is! Introducing a metallic shade to your colour palette is a pretty bold move, and whether you choose a matte or polished finish, it’s sure to stand out, so use this warm hue to highlight the finer details of your day. Think sweet clusters of oversized lanterns to gently light and adorn the entrance to your tipi, or perfectly bohemian Morroccan lanterns hung from the trusses of your barn. Or, you could utilise copper in the increasingly-tricky-to-make-original table plan; use sweet copper place name holders or a wall of hand stamped copper tags as escort cards (that’s gotta be some of the best escort card styling I’ve ever seen!).

Basically, when it’s proving difficult to style an element of your day in a way that feels original and striking, turn to copper!

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Blue eyed brides, listen up! You lucky ladies have the perfect irises to rock a copper shadow and you need to get on this trend. For the remaining summer and autumnal brides, a shade of copper (or even multiple shades) dusted around the entire eye, highlighting the inner corner is band on trend. And oh my, will it enhance those big baby blues!

*Grabs purse and heads straight off to Boots*

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Of course, for those of you daring to wear something other than white (I know right, say whaaaat?! Check out my White is an Option post for more on that) nothing could be more boho luxe than walking down the aisle in a copper gown, beaded from head to toe.

I can’t even. It’s incredible.


I implore you; bring copper into your palette! It’ll lift, enhance and enrich the warmth and shimmer of your wedding day in that perfectly bohemian ‘long lost treasure’ kind of way. Plus, how cute are those little personalised pennies? Come on!

Peace + love,




Wedding beauty on its way!

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