We’re going to say it – marquee weddings are just great. We love ’em for their flexibility and their style plus we BIG fans of being able to celebrate wherever you like. But, as much as our wild, romantic and creative sides are crushing on marquees, our sensible self knows that organising a marquee wedding is a pretty huge thing to do and it’s super important to choose the right marquee for your event. Today, we’re joined by the experts at Morton’s Event Hire who’ve got all the info you need to make the right choice – you’re going to be a wedding pro in no time…

Over 10 years ago, Morton’s Event Hire began as an idea from two brothers Alex and Rob, who saw a gap in the market. They quickly realised that bespoke wedding venues were a highly sought after requirement and they decided to launch their now extremely popular, modular pods.

Beginning in their home town of Norfolk, the demand for the business has now taken Alex and Rob much further afield, specifically targeting Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire with the idea that they wished to reach out to couples much further afield.

So, let’s hear from Alex and Rob who can tell us more:

“Each marquee offers something different to the couples who hire them,” says Alex. “The beauty of the modular pods is their versatility. The opportunity to expand the venue with as many interconnecting pods as you like, means that the venue is truly unique to the wedding with the added advantage of decorating and styling them however is necessary.”

“The traditional tent brings a touch of classic, timeless style to any wedding and can hold up to 200 people making it perfect for the larger wedding,” explains Rob. “Lastly, the spectacular stretch is really just that. An architecturally inspired tent that can truly steal the show with its unique shape and style.”

The Morton’s Guide to Wedding Marquees


44ft long, our traditional marquee is our original style. With high ceilings and a swooped canvas, the traditional brings a truly elegant and timeless feel to any event. Supported by classic poles, the marquee looks beautiful left bare or with our unique pleated linings. Holding up to 200 people, the spacious marquee can be filled with a multitude of tables and chairs to provide comfortable seating arrangements for your guests, along with space for a bar, DJ booth and dancefloor should they be necessities at your event. Depending on those Great British weather conditions, the traditional tent can be left open or with side curtains to suit your needs on the big day.

Understanding the need for ease, all of our traditional marquee quotes come with additional items such as a dance floor, lining and matting included. Along with us, our service also means we provide a carpeted and lit service tent as a link to the main marquee for any catering needs.

Stretch Tent

Our spectacular stretch tent is taking the marquee world by storm with its unique style. A true work of art, the stretch tents are likely to steal the show at any event. Without the need for specific support mechanisms, unlike the traditional, the stretch can withstand on any kind of surface and fit into almost any space. The spacious tent can sit up to 130 guests, with more space for events that don’t require tables and chairs. Suitable for a wedding, outdoor festival or corporate event, the stretch will provide a real architectural talking point.

To truly emphasise the beauty of this unique tent, we offer lighting packages that transform the venue even further.

Modular Pods

To complete the trio of our styles, is our extremely unique and popular modular pod marquees. The beauty of these particular pods is their versatility and how they can transform your venue into a bespoke location. Our modular marquees are made up of hexagonal shaped pods that can be attached together in any way you like. The configurable pods can be conjoined with as many other pods as you like – creating the size, shape and layout exactly as you want it. It is your wedding after all.

Along with the hexagonal shape, we can also bring in some triangle and diamond shaped connectors so your guests don’t have to leave one marquee to get to another, the beauty is that it’s one large venue suited to the size of your event. In order to make everything as stress free as possible, our pods come in a package to ensure clear piece of mind when you receive your quote. Transform your marquee with final details that make your event a reflection of you!

Thanks guys, we really appreciate your advice and it’s great having you with us today.

If you’d like to find out more about Morton’s Event Hire, you’ll spot them in our festival wedding directory or you can click on over to their website.  Don’t forget that Morton’s offer free, no obligation quotes too and they’re all about delivering you the perfect wedding so what’s not to love?

Images: Phil Barnes Photography


Wedding beauty on its way!

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