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Happy Thursday, gorgeous people!

I’ve got a seriously bohemian collection to share with y’all today; we’re talking body jewellery. We’ll be taking a look at this trend in its many beautiful forms, some will be familiar to you I’m sure, but I’m gonna throw a couple of new and original styles in there too. These striking, yet elegant additions can convert any outfit to sheer boho-cool in a matter of moments. Perfect for brides and maids alike, you better get ready to don your shackles ladies; this is one hell of a trend!

Arm Bangle 3

Image credit: the Skinny Tie by Free People

Arm Bangle 4

Image credit: the Bell Drop Armband by Free People

Arm Bangle 5

Image credit: the Dancing Armband by Free People

A twenty second browse of the Free People homepage will tell you that body jewellery is a massive trend for 2014, like you wouldn’t even want to consider a festival without it. No, seriously. So, naturally, here at Festival Brides we’re all over it and especially some of the new styles we’ve seen come through. Later I’m going to show you some of my favourite chains for your head, hands and feet (of the kind you probably already know and love), but first let’s talk about one of the new kids in town; the arm bangle.

Yeah, these little bands of gorgeousness are set to be huge for summer 2014, and I’m a major (albeit, rather cautious) fan! If you’re anything like me, you may be panicking about just how slim ones arms might need to be in order to pull one of these cuties off… Calm yourself ladies, Free People have got you covered! Many of these bands are expandable, so you can adjust them to fit just perfectly, and do you notice how they all feature chains, or bells (just how cute are the bells?!) dangling from the band? Well, they form a welcome distraction from the edge of the bangle, making them a lot more flattering that you might first perceive. Perfect for your beautiful maids or to adorn yourself, these divine chains are the ultimate in edgy elegance.

Back drop 3

Image credit: Bhumika Bhatia

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Image credit: A Patch of Skye

Back drop 2

Image credit: Moon and Stars by Made With Love in LA

Another trend that we are head over heels for right now is (what I’ve coined as) the Back Drop. I ranted and raved about my love for embellished backs in January (if you haven’t already, take a look here) and that love has extended into the jewellery realm too. Little drops of delicate chain, tumbling down a gorgeous bride’s back are the ultimate sassy addition to a backless dress. What’s more, where you might struggle with the restriction of other pieces of body jewellery, there’s nothing cumbersome or taxing about wearing this sweet style. Think loosely draped chains scattered with rosary bead style gemstones to ensure a truly boho take on this look.

Now, many of you sophisticated ladies will freak at the mention of body chains I’m sure, they can just be a bit too much sometimes, right? I totally agreed, until I met these astounding creations…

Boday chain 1

Image credit: The Mountain Laurel

Body chain 4

Body chain 4a

Image credits: the High Priestess by Free People

I’m calling it the Chained Décolletage; sounds a little more enticing, hey? I’m in love with the outlines these delicate chains create; they’re so flattering, drawing heaps of attention to the wonderfully feminine décolletage. That brass chain, with it’s sweet dangling bells and gems against that muted blush dress is just a match made in heaven!

While browsing Etsy for more of these beauties to share with you, I stumbled across Dolorous; I was like ‘Seriously, stop the press!’ Dolorous was the spark of inspiration for this post, their pieces are originality personified; a whole new, very grown up and very polished take on body jewellery. I’ve picked just a few to share in this post, but I’d implore you to take a look at their entire collection, it’s incredible. The Hera Collar is the perfect fusion of necklace and body chain; a dramatic, opulent piece. While the Sabina Sweetheart is an originally shaped vest chain which gracefully highlights the breastbone. They’re sumptuous, they’re refined and I really don’t need to say anything more; they more than speak for themselves!

Body chain 2

Image credit: the Hera Collar

Body chain 3

Image credit: the Sabina Sweetheart

Of course, Dolorous’ collection also features the second major 2014 body jewellery trend: the Little Wing. I reckon this is one of the most wearable alternative jewellery pieces I’ve seen; it’s suitable for every shape and size and has the potential to work with both a strapped or strapless dress. Dolorous’ take on this trend comes in the form of the Menat and Aspis. Collar style chains, like the Hera, their delicate lines drape effortlessly over the tips of your shoulders, simultaneously softening and highlighting them. While their wider, slashed necklines elongate the collarbone. They’re grand and luxurious; we LOVE them.

Wing 3

Image credit: the Menat Collar

Wing 4

Image credit: the Aspis Collar

As you’ll see below, the Little Wing effect can also be created by employing a pair of shoulder adornments or draping arm bangles. Whether you choose to embellish both shoulders, go for rose gold chains or dangling silver coins, if I were getting hitched this summer, I’d definitely be wearing a set of wings. They’re just too pretty.

Wing 1 left 2 right

Image credits: Left, Minx Shop  Right, Goodnight Macaroon

Wing 5

Image credit: the Sgt Pepper Shoulder by Free People

Wing 6 Wing 6a

Image credits: the Triple Coin Shoulder by Free People

Urgh! If only I’d seen these last summer, seriously!

So now, I thought I’d give a little the body jewellery that we Festival Brides already know and love a little update. The head, hand and foot chain are still major contenders in the world of festival chic this year, which is great news for any boho bride. Why? Because it means they’re majorly available, in all varieties and at every end of the budget scale!

Let’s start with the ever-fabulous head chain. Here at Festival Brides it’s no secret that we freakin’ love a crown, whether it’s made of flowers, braids or gold is kinda irrelevant… as long as there’s a crown involved, we’re happy. The summer of 2014 will see headpieces get a little heavier, a lot bolder and more hippie than ever and boy, are we up for that. Emblazon your forehead with a Hamsa, a geometric triangle or a cluster of gems; just make sure you do it!

Headchain 1

Image credit: Hippie Style

Headchain 2

Image credit: All for Fashion

Headchain 3

Image credit: Bohemian Blissful

Headchain 5

Image credit: Francis Frank

Headchain 6

Image credit: Made With Love in LA

Headchain 4

Image credit: Francis Frank

Just gorgeous, aren’t they? I love how low that blonde beauty wears her chain in the last image, it somehow makes it all the more boho. If you’re a fair-haired, lightly browed beaut you need to be rocking this look, for sure.

On to hand and foot chains and these little guys just never, and I mean never, grow old.  There are so many variations out there right now and they make such an ace addition to your right hand or to adorn your feet. I’ve picked some of my, super affordable favourites of the moment, but do scour Etsy and alike for yourself. Although unfortunately politically incorrect, I found the phrase ‘slave chain/bracelet/anklet’ to be the most productive search term in unearthing a wealth of beautiful pieces. Enjoy losing your entire afternoon to browsing them!

Handpiece 1

Image credit: Francis Frank

Handpiece 2

Image credit: Soulmates by Made With Love in LA

Foot chain 1

Image credit: Depends What Day it is

Foot chain 2 left 3 right

Image credits: Left, Beaded Anklet Right, Chain Anklet both by Topshop

Foot chain 4 left 5 right

Image credits: Left, Wide Bells Anklet Right, Teardrop Bracelet both by Topshop

They’re just the epitome of bohemian. I love the idea of wearing them on both feet, in place of shoes and fully embracing the Indian styling of these almost regal pieces. In my mind, they’re pretty much a necessity for an outdoor wedding: a shot of beautifully adorned feet in a woodland or open meadow is just everything.

Last but not least, you might remember I featured a few chains in my post on the revival of alternative garters back in December of last year (not seen it, take a naughty peek here). Well, I simply had to add this glimpse of perfection to that collection, and it seemed apt to finish our chat about charming chains with this super sexy number. Inherently gypsy, Free People’s Esmeralda garter litters the thigh with more of those luscious silver coins. Put simply: swoon.

Garter chain 1 Garter chain 1a

Image credits: the Esmeralda Garter by Free People

So ladies, I reckon the evidence is pretty clear: worn sparingly and maturely, body chains will give your wedding outfit a whole load of free-spirited soul and an undeniable sass factor. Here’s hoping I’ve convinced you of the charm of  these chains; I can’t wait to see you girls rocking them!

Much love,

Clare xo


Wedding beauty on its way!

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