Happy Thursday lovely people.

We have a very special shoot to share with you today.

For those of you who are new to our festival pages, Kelly, my gorgeous Festival Brides partner in crime, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Florence Everley Jo back in December last year. She has been on maternity leave ever since fulfilling her new role as Mum of the year and she’s a complete natural. It’s so lovely to see her so happy and Flo is just perfect in every way.

Before Florence was born, Kelly did a Bump in the country pregnancy shoot with Heline Bekker (one of our favourite photographers) and it is so beautiful that I asked Kelly if we could share it with you all.

So here it is – in all it’s pregnancy glory…………Kelly’s Bump In The Country.

Prepare to be blown away lovelies!

Kelly: Back at around 34 weeks pregnant I asked Heline Bekker if she would mind taking a few photos of the bump! Now I’m not a fan of all these lovey duvey bump shoots where the parents to be look longingly into each others eyes or even get their kit off for the camera. I’m also not a fan of being in the limelight so a little shoot like this was kinda scary!! But it had taken Nick and I so long to fall pregnant so I felt documenting what was such a special time was a necessity! Looking back now Flo is here, I’m so glad we did this even if it did feel a little uncomfortable at times! Heline was amazing and put us both at ease and it felt like we were just going for a walk with a friend rather than a photo shoot!!


We cancelled the shoot a few times due to the weather and work commitments but it was getting close to my due date so we just had to bite the bullet and work with the cloudy skies. We chose a woodland near to us, but on this day it was pretty dark and hazed over. We took a little wander to an open field and were delighted to see some beautiful horses and their foals! Jackpot! These beautiful creatures just added to the feel of the shoot and I’m also a massive horse fan so even more perfect for the gentle nurturing vibe we were hoping for. Heline got the money shot when a foal was nursing from it’s mother in the backdrop!!

outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker002 outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker007 outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker012 outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker022 outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker025 outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker034 outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker043

outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker044 outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker038

Can you spot our gorgeous boy Alfie? He had to be part of the three become four!! However, he was more interested in playing with his new four legged friends than posing for the camera! Being a whippet he’s not the best at standing still! They say never to work with dogs or babies but Heline made it all look very easy. We totally loved the experience and will cherish these very special photos forever!


outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker050bump2 outdoor-winter-maternity-shoot-heline-bekker055If you are planning to document any kind of beautiful moment in your life then check out Heline Bekker Photography. A truly gifted photographer and truly nice gal!!

How amazing is that last shot with the tree? In fact, all of the images are stunning.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these images as much as we have sharing them.

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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