Happy Wednesday Peeps!

Rumor has it we’re in for a hot spell in the next few weeks. Well………………..it’s about bloody time I say! I’m not usually the one for moaning about the weather as I just get on with it, but the last few weeks have really got to me, and from the sounds of it I’m not the only one!

So with the promise of some sunshine to brighten up our moods, I thought it would be apt to brighten up our festival pages with some coloured glass!



A Festival Wedding is not complete without an injection of colour in some shape or form and using coloured glass in an excellent way of achieving this. Whether you have different shapes, sizes and colours all clustered together as part of your table decor or you have bright coloured bottles hanging from trees; the visual impact will be amazing and you can create a real eclectic festival feel to your wedding day. You can even fill them with colourful flowers as illustrated in the pictures below or little tea lights to enhance the colours at night.


Source: inspiredbythis.com via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

Simply Bloom Photography




Flutter Glass Photography via Rock n Roll Bride







For the past year (since Bob and I decided to have a festival wedding) my mum and I have been searching local boot fairs, charity shops and garden centers for coloured glass and have built up quite a collection! Not sure what to do with them all yet but I have a few ideas…………………..all will be revealed peeps!

The most we’ve spent on an item has been £1.5o, the majority have all cost us between 5p to 50p so call on your inner Del Boy, head to some local boot fairs and start collecting! You’ll be surprised at what you can get for 5p.  I even received a discount from a well known Garden Center – it can be done!!

If you don’t fancy traipsing around boot fairs in your wellies then try ebay – there’s loads of second hand coloured glass available at good prices and the best part about it is, after the wedding, you can resell them!

Happy searching!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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