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We have an informal, relaxed, colourful and vibrant festival inspired wedding shoot to share with you today. Inspired by the flower power era of the 1960’s and 70’s, this shoot put together by Tandem Photo and Little Botanica is bursting with colour as well as lots of DIY decor and styling ideas to tantalize your creative minds.

Look out for the little maids heart shaped wand which is a great replacement to a traditional bouquet and would be perfect for a festival wedding. I also love that the bride is wearing converse trainers and a blue wedding dress. Anything goes at a festival wedding and this shoot illustrates that you should never be afraid to buck tradition and put your own stamp on your bridal look.

Tandem Photo, Little Bontanica and Modiste talk us through the shoot….

Many a plan for a photoshoot has been hatched in Little Botanica’s Tea House over a slice of cake or two. Finding other creatives in the industry that understand where you’re coming from is key and having that support and creative outlet is so important for us, both with developing our business and also kicking back and having a laugh. After a long and late winter last year, spring couldn’t come fast enough and we were all desperate for some sunshine. It was decided that no matter what the weather we wanted this shoot to burst with a happy and colourful energy and put us in the mood for summer.

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We choose our friends Sian and James to be our bride and groom, these two dated for a while and are now best friends so their natural chemistry together was perfect. Eilidh was our beautiful bridesmaid and little Isla just rocked as our flower girl, not forgetting our friend’s precious pug Stella. On the morning of the shoot we headed to Little Botanica to pick up the props and have hair and makeup done by the lovely and talented Melissa Cherry and Emma Parker who created the look that we were after. We then headed down to Dean Castle Country Park in Ayrshire, the sun was splitting the trees, it was warm and everything just fell into place.

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Our inspiration for the flowers was classic music festivals from the late 60s and early 70s – Woodstock, Isle of Wight, the flower power era, and nothing screams sunshine and smiles like big beautiful sunflowers! We married the sunflowers with a gorgeous mix of blue delphinium, yellow solidago and purple veronica. We wanted our Bride to look as though she’d ran through a field of wild flowers and scooped up her bouquet, ready to marry her beau…

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As regular collaborators, festival lovers and firm believers in ‘out of the box’ wedding scenarios, Modiste was delighted to get outdoors for a creative wedding shoot with Tandem Photo and Little Botanica. Inspired by the colour and natural ethos of ‘Little Botanica’ and the woodland location, Modiste planned to include pieces that were bursting with colour/texture and unusual in terms of the mix of materials from natural sources. For a more relaxed, festival bridal look I selected a silver lace 1950s style dress from Flossy & Dossy styled with the model’s own Converse trainers and added a Modiste pop turquoise bandeau veil with mixed cluster bead/crystal combs which both looked great with the sunflower bouquet.

The bridesmaid has a vibrant floral summer dress (stylists own) styled with a Modiste comb using a textured fish leather base, incorporating a reloved jewellery piece in turq and fuschia and trimmed with a dramatic turquoise burnt peacock feather.

Being a more relaxed shoot and having the freedom to style, dress and assist creative photographers is a dream of a day for Modiste. Audrey and David have captured the festival vibe so well in the shots, and the flowers belong in their setting, which creates the spontaneous feel of the day.

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The Line Up

Photography: Tandem Photo
Location: Dean Castle Country Park in Ayrshire
Flowers & Props: Little Botanica
Head pieces: Modiste
Wedding Dress: Flossy & Dossy
Hair: Melisa Cherry
Makeup: Emma Parker

How cute was that little bridesmaid? Honestly, since I’ve been pregnant broodiness had gone to a whole another level!

I hope this shoot has brought you lots of inspiration. I for one am a huge fan of the material strips used to dress the table. Very simple and inexpensive to do. Get yourself down to your local charity shop or boot fair and look for old bed sheets, blankets, dresses – anything that you can use to recreate this look. Even visiting fabric shops would be beneficial as they may have the odd scraps of material that they can’t sell. Worth a try right?

Happy Tuesday Peeps,

Big Love

Festival Brides xxx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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