Good afternoon you lovely lot! What if I told you the creative minds behind electronic and dance festival Glade, and one of the founders of Secret Garden Party, have created the ultimate party wedding venue in the rolling Gloucestershire countryside. Have I got your attention? I thought so. Elmore Court has been in the Guise family for 750 years and the current owners have done an incredible job of bringing this house up-to-date.

After years of working in the festival industry, Anselm Guise and his wife Sarah turned their attention to Elmore – think bohemian stately home, with eccentric owners, eclectic décor and a sustainable soundproofed eco club built exclusively for raving. Yup, pretty incredible right? This venue is way more country boho luxe than stuffy grand house, and this festival-minded family sure know how to throw a party!

So, as you can imagine we were pretty chuffed to receive an invitation to their latest shindig, The Full Moon Flower party. Any excuse to frolic around in a floaty floral dress, right? The party was to celebrate Elmore’s latest renovations; with 8 more bedrooms in the main house, now sleeping 46 guests, and the opening of the new bridal prep-pad in the former coach house…


New Bridal Prep Pad…

Photographer: James Fear

The evening began as any good evening should, with gin. As we sipped away, the wonderful Elmore team showed us around the new bedrooms. There were lots of surprising details, such as Guise family portraits weaved in-between contemporary wallpaper prints and electric colours. I adored the Shibumi cashmere and silk bedspreads; seriously dreamy, and all created and designed by Anselm’s sister. A total family affair. The décor manages to be respectful to the heritage of the house, as well as being playful and modern. For someone doing a house renovation, there was so much inspo here.

Elmore embodies the free-spirited nature of the owners. The Gillyflower is a “future-rustic” eco building adjoining the main house, added in 2013 it’s made from rammed earth with living walls, with the state of the art sound and lighting system, seating for 200 guests and up to 400 dancing. As a total plant lover, music geek and generally first one on the dance floor, I fell for this space big time.

Outside, in full view of the Gillyflower is a large fire pit with paths that lead off into the wild meadows, for boutique camping. The eco building gives you the flexibility to have a festival style wedding, without worrying about what the weather will do, is that a massive sign of relief i just heard? Thought so.  There’s plenty of scope to add your own personality both indoors and out, the rooms are stunning, perfect for close family and friends to stay in total comfort, and if you need extra accommodation, glamping is available.


Elmore, an Outdoor Venue…

The main house, by James FearGlamping at Elmore by James Fear


It’s All in the Details…

May blossom, photo by VoyteckOutdoor wedding decor, photo by LJM photographyFestival wedding by Binky NixonJenny Fleur Hanging flowers by Lizzie MayFestival wedding tables by Rob Tarren

…Oh and I forgot to tell you the best bit; we stayed the night!

After the feast, red wine and a good old sing song, we all toddled off to The Smoking Room, new contender for the bridal suite. I loved the floor to ceiling panelling and the Sleigh bed, it’s HUGE, American hotel style, you know the kind. I slept really well, despite some pre-bedtime speculation from other guests about it being haunted, and in the morning I woke up to birdsong and started the day with a bath, followed by a long shower.

I mean, why not?!


The Rooms…

The Smoking Room Suite, by Brett SymesThe Smoking Room Suite, Bathtub, by Brett Symes


The House…

House Kitchen, by Brett SymesPhoto: team Elmore 

The energy of the family and friends vibrates through the walls of this handsome building. As for our stay, we were thoroughly entertained and totally spoilt by the wonderful souls at Elmore. If this is a snippet of what it would be like to get married here, I’m seriously considering a divorce, just so I can do it all again!

Tristan (my husband) if you are reading this. I didn’t mean it! Well, maybe a little!

So that pretty much wraps up our stay at the beautiful Elmore Court. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, enjoy the sunshine and we’ll catch you next week.


Good vibrations


Lucy X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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