We have a bright and colourful bohemian styled wedding shoot to share with your lovely faces today. Sent all the way from down under by Sarah Hearts Photography, Bohemian Dreaming features some fabulous DIY bridal styling and decor ideas. In fact, most of the items used in the shoot, including the beautiful lace wedding dress and crystal bridal jewellery (which I love), were found in either op shops (Australia’s version of charity shops) or were handmade. This proves that you can do so much yourself if you have the creative know how and time to do it. I particularly love the crystal crown, necklace and ring that the bride is wearing. Handmade using crystals and wire bought from EBAY, they add just the right amount of earthy mystical vibes to the brides bohemian look. We don’t often see crystal’s being used in weddings in the UK, especially as jewellery, and I am not sure why. They carry so much meaning, look beautiful, come in a vast array of the colours and shapes and they are perfectly suited to a free spirited festival bride. Seeing them used in this shoot today is a breath of mystical air and I hope you feel inspired to use them on your wedding day.

Sarah talks us through the planning and execution of the shoot…..

Bohemian Dreaming…..

Love lace and color,
Love for each other,
The love of sweet treats,
Lace as fine and delicate as a marriage,
Bohemian Dreaming.

Bohemian Dreaming is an explosion of colour, hippy/boho chic style and of course LOVE! We have striven to create something different and inspiring that hasn’t been seen before. The super special thing about this shoot is the majority of it was either hand made or bought from op shops as we couldn’t get everything we wanted locally and op shopping is the BEST! We found vintage treasures or made items ourselves. Also the MR & MRS chairs were lovingly hand crafted by the decorator’s husband and this shoot is to unveil them as well. Featuring real couple Ryan & Johanna who have been together for 6 years and have two beautiful little boys!

The smoke bomb was hilarious and fun, I can’t wait to use them again and the Kombi van is FABULOUS! We want brides to embrace bright colors and not be afraid to do something different!

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The Line Up

Photography: SarahHearts Photography www.sarahheartsphotography.com
Florwers & Button Hole: Sarah Reeves-Saunders & Bianca Kemp
Stationery/Graphic Design: Mooka Designs
Printer: Mac Print
Venue: Shady Hollow
Dessert Table & Cake: Cakeaholics Mackay
Decorative Elements: Wedding Excellence by Tez
VW Camper: Kombi Hire Mackay
Bridal Gown: Charity/Op Shop
Crystal Crown: Bianca Kemp (Fun House Hair)
Shoes: Brides own
Earrings: Samantha Wills
Hair: Fun House Hair
Makeup: Final Touch Hair & Makeup Artistry
Groom: Shirt – Vintage Levi Strauss; Pants & Shoes – Model’s own


Wedding beauty on its way!

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