We met Jessie at the Fabulous Wedding Festival and immediately fell in love with her bubbly and creative personality.. Any bride and groom that books this lovely lady is sure in for a super stylish and very organised wedding experience!! So over to Jessie….

Hi there! I’ll start with a very quick introduction, I’m Jessie from Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events. I’m a wedding planner and stylist based in the Cotswolds, and was asked by the beautiful girls behind Festival Brides to do a little write up on some of the DIY details from my “Bohemian Dreaming” table I created and styled at the Fabulous Wedding Festival in March this year.dream 4I have been looking for an excuse for ages to create a table scape that was both bright and colourful, with a Free People bohemian vibe. And so I got to work putting together a moodboard and pinterest collection of images to reflect that – feathers and beads, aztec and ikat prints, earthy tones mixed with more punchy colours, and a nod towards the current trend to be inspired by native American culture. Delish.

Almost immediately I decided my table needed to incorporate dream catchers in the décor. They fitted the theme perfectly but also seemed like such a sweet addition for a wedding in particular. I didn’t want to buy any old dream catchers though, oh no. They needed to fit my colour theme. And I needed giant ones to hang from a beam. And smaller ones for favours. So I decided to make them!

dream 5Now, I researched a few different methods before starting out – but from the outset it was clear my project would involve both wool (or yarn for our US friends) and embroidery hoops. That was the easiest way forward in terms of level of skill needed vs cost. Luckily I had a few balls of wool left over from the days before my daughter was born (I knitted a “scarf” about as big as my big toe!) that fitted my colour scheme, so I only needed to buy a couple more colours from a craft shop along with a selection of different sized hoops.

Tip number one: one embroidery hoop = two dream catchers. Simply push out the centre hoop and use both to wrap the wool around. Will save you a few pennies!

At first I tried the messy wrap tutorial (http://www.stylemepretty.com/gallery/picture/537275/ or http://www.hellocotton.com/to/dXVI#http://www.measureonce-cuttwice.com/2012/08/diy-sky-themed-dreamcatcher-tutorial.html  to try and speed things up with a web like wrap rather than the traditional method. Mistake. I should have known better! It didn’t look at all like a dream catcher to me, and the wool kept slipping. I’m a perfectionist so I unwrapped the whole thing and started again.

I decided to take things slowly next time, so sat with a glass of wine (or three) wrapping wool around the edge of each embroidery hoop until the whole thing was covered with a solid colour. This took me ages, but looked brill. If you did want to speed things up you could use a thicker ribbon/leather cord or even paint it in a matching colour. The benefit of wrapping the wool meant whatever I did next held a bit better though. And it all looked more “together” at the end.


Tip number two: keep the wool in a ball in order to wrap a bit quicker. Pulling a long thread through a hoop over and over makes your arm ache. Take it from someone who knows…

I then learnt how to loop the wool thread in the traditional way. Check out this visual on pinterest for an easy “how to” to follow: http://pinterest.com/pin/156781630750081506/. Some people thread beads as they go, but I liked the look of it on it’s own. Whatever you feel happy with! If you are feeling really lazy then actually I think the doily cheat tutorial is super pretty too: http://www.baileytann.com/2011/12/doily-dream-catcher-diy.html

Finally, I took longer threads of wool to tie and hang down with the feathers and beads. Have you ever tried to thread a bead with wool? No? It’s hard! It kept fraying. I couldn’t find a needle as I’d just moved house and my craft box was a total mess. So I came up with a new plan. I simply tied a feather to a bit of wool and slipped a bead over the top using the feather end to push through, and like magic it stayed in place. Huzzah!

 I actually also really liked the look of those with lots more threads hanging down as well, and if you made the shortcut above of using ribbon or leather cord to wrap the hoop itself, then you could also mix and match and have a few threads of different material hanging down from the hoop. Also, you can repeat all of the above using cotton thread rather than wool… but I liked the overall punch of colour that wool provided. You might prefer to make them a bit more delicate though. I also went for natural feathers and more muted colour beads to contrast the bold colours of the wool, which was reflected by the stationery (made bespoke for my table by In the Treehouse – www.inthetreehouse.co.uk  who also made the super cute mini dream catcher favour tags).

dream 6 dream 3Images via My Fabulous Life Photography & Laura Michelle Photography

So there you have it. Easy peasy! And a little bit different, certainly a talking point for your guests. And so cute for them to take a mini one away to hang above their beds at home. My husband thinks that they are creepy though. Hmph, what does he know anyway?!





Wedding beauty on its way!

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