Afternoon Lovely People,

I hope you all had a great weekend.

We have a very calm and spiritual wedding to share with you today.

Held under a grand old oak tree in the heart of the Sussex Countryside, Bella and Dom’s beautiful wedding was a day of reflection, awareness, community, love and giving. Each part of their wonderful wedding carried a spiritual meaning that invited their guests to bond and connect in someway. Whether it be through their blessing held around a stunning large quartz rock or through the mantras, rituals and dances they all performed throughout the day. There were songs, music, prayers, meditation and yoga and even Bella’s bespoke wedding dress held a personal and significant spiritual meaning of being true to yourself at a time of great change.

It is clear from viewing their photos and reading about their day that Bella and Dom not only wanted to celebrate their deep spiritual connection with each other but also to build on and encourage their connection with others by creating a wedding that was completely inclusive in every way.

Look out for their ‘dance of peace’ held after the ceremony, their simple yet very pretty decor and the stunning large quartz rock surrounded by flowers.

Bella and Dom talk us through their day…

Glastonbury and an immediate connection….

Bella and Dom met in a muddy Glastonbury in 2007 during one of ID Spirals festival within a festival and formed an immediate connection.

Bella and Dom are the co-founders of ‘Inspiral‘ Bringing together organic raw vegan health products, an optimum nutrition vegan café (running on green energy) and an uplifting music / art / events venue with organic bar in Camden London

bella_dom_004 bella_dom_005 bella_dom_010 bella_dom_013 bella_dom_014 bella_dom_018 bella_dom_019 bella_dom_020 bella_dom_026 bella_dom_031 bella_dom_034

Rustic Zen….

Basia Wasiek, my head bridesmaid did most of the decor for our wedding. She put in tireless effort in the couple of months leading up to the wedding with styling and sourcing the decor for the event. It was all natural in feel and in a style she coined ‘rustic zen.’ Basia is now considering going into this as a profession and I couldn’t recommend her enough! She has a great work ethic with an incredible artistic and sensitive eye.

bella_dom_037 bella_dom_044 bella_dom_047 bella_dom_048 bella_dom_052 bella_dom_053 bella_dom_054 bella_dom_055 bella_dom_060 bella_dom_074 bella_dom_075 bella_dom_077 bella_dom_081 bella_dom_082 bella_dom_084bella_dom_086 bella_dom_087 bella_dom_093 bella_dom_096 bella_dom_098 bella_dom_103

50% Hemp and 50% Silk…..

I had my dress bespoke made by Blanka at White Leaf Boutique in Trafalgar street, North Lanes, Brighton. It’s an eco dress made from 50% hemp 50% silk. The gold appliqués were sourced by myself from Berwick street, Soho, and the hanging pendant attached to the lace neckline is a 24ct gold-plated Merkaba / Star Tetrahedron. The meaning of this sacred geometry shape is “The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is an amazing and powerful tool, especially during these current times of shifts and transitions. It can assist in the connection between the physical and ethereal bodies, allow us to see the psychological patterns and programs that may limit us, and is a constant reminder to remember our true, loving and divine nature. By meditating on the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron we are able to merge with Source, the Divine, All that is.

bella_dom_110 bella_dom_112 bella_dom_114 bella_dom_115 bella_dom_116 bella_dom_124-copy-copy bella_dom_129 bella_dom_143 bella_dom_144 bella_dom_145 bella_dom_147 bella_dom_148

Handmade Rings from Ethically Sourced Gold….

Dom and I wanted ethically sourced gold, but also that had lots of meaning woven in so we took a trip to Ibiza to a lady who runs jewellery making workshops. we arrived there with a handful of gold pieces donated to us by many members of both our families. we melted them down together, along with some hair from our heads and we made blessings into the molten gold before shaping into one long flat piece which we cut into two. As a result both rings fit perfectly together – i proceeded to make Dom’s ring for him, and he made my ring for me – it was our first jewellery making project ever so the rings are quite ‘rustic’ and very heavy!’

bella_dom_149 bella_dom_151 bella_dom_162 bella_dom_163 bella_dom_165 bella_dom_166 bella_dom_169 bella_dom_170 bella_dom_177 bella_dom_178 bella_dom_179 bella_dom_181 bella_dom_187 bella_dom_188 bella_dom_190 bella_dom_192 bella_dom_193 bella_dom_195 bella_dom_201 bella_dom_203 bella_dom_206 bella_dom_216 bella_dom_220 bella_dom_223 bella_dom_238 bella_dom_251 bella_dom_257 bella_dom_258 bella_dom_261 bella_dom_263 bella_dom_264 bella_dom_270 bella_dom_274 bella_dom_275 bella_dom_276 bella_dom_279 bella_dom_282 bella_dom_292 bella_dom_296 bella_dom_305 bella_dom_307 bella_dom_310 bella_dom_316 bella_dom_317bella_dom_322 bella_dom_323 bella_dom_324 bella_dom_326 bella_dom_329-copy bella_dom_335 bella_dom_340 bella_dom_344 bella_dom_351 bella_dom_352 bella_dom_353 bella_dom_354 bella_dom_355

Organic Vegetarian Food….

All our food was organic, vegetarian, egg-free and gluten-free with vegan options – designed and masterminded by our very own Enzo Di Marino of inSpiral, with help from the rest of the inSpiral team, e.g. Eddy and Gee (heading up the bar). An extra shout-out to Enzo here who insisted on not accepting any payment for this mammoth task, wishing it to be his wedding gift to us! Epic!

bella_dom_358 bella_dom_360 bella_dom_362 bella_dom_376 bella_dom_396 bella_dom_397 bella_dom_407 bella_dom_412 bella_dom_415 bella_dom_418 bella_dom_419 bella_dom_432 bella_dom_433 bella_dom_447 bella_dom_449 bella_dom_452 bella_dom_454 bella_dom_464 bella_dom_471 bella_dom_478

The Line Up

Photographer: Mark Alesky
Venue: Couples Home
Wedding Dress: White Leaf Bridal
Catering: Inspiral
Flowers: DIY by Basia Wasiek
Decor: DIY


Wedding beauty on its way!

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