I have recently seen a few cool weddings that have brought the inside to the outside!! I do love this concept for a wedding. You have to make the most of outside spaces if you’re lucky enough to have them at your venue especially when it comes to designing your quirky festival wedding. There is just one thing you may need – good weather or a lot of plastic sheets!

Now, I’m not suggesting you drag your TV and sofa from your front room and set up styling the garden with rugs and tables! Instead there are plenty of hire companies that can create many kinds of wedding lounges for you……from Moroccan to vintage or boho to modern, you can pick and choose a theme to suit your style.

Here is some inspiration….

If you are planning a summer picnic wedding then why not opt for eclectic floor rugs and cushions. Tables can become trays!!

Source: google.com via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

For a more formal affair choose an elegant upholstered chaise lounge along with large ornate mirrors and tables

Source: archivevintagerentals.com via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

Oh and you know we love a haybale! Jazz them up with cushions and throws!!

Source: media-cache7.pinterest.com via Officer on Pinterest

Mix and match furniture and soft furnishings to create a retro/eclectic vibe

Source: thenaturalweddingcompany.co.uk via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

Source: google.dk via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

Create an authentic Moroccan haven using rich coloured fabrics – the ultimate chillout room!! Or use bright coloured furniture and drapes to enhance your theme and style. Would work well with bright coloured wild flowers and streamers.


So if you are planning to create your own wedding lounge then be sure to visit your local boot fair and start collecting! We love mix match styles so get your electic hat on and forget the matching!

If you would prefer to hire furniture and furninshings then here are some companies to contact www.chilloutfurniture.com  www.crescent-moon.co.uk  www.moreproduction.co.uk and www.vintagestylehire.co.uk.

And don’t forget if you are hiring tipi’s and yurts, many of them come fully designed and styled to your taste!!

Happy home making…….


Wedding beauty on its way!

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