IMG_6316_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYHello and good morning babes!

Holy smokes have we got a GORGEOUS little project to share with you guys today. It’s painfully cool, super easy and has more potential than the Jolie-Pitt kids…

But seriously, you’re gonna die! And, best of all? It’s a 4 piece DIY… That’s right, you’ll need just 4 objects to create your masterpiece(s)!

Without any further hype, (I could go on for days… Oh wait, no I already did that, apologies social media followers!) and with the help of Old Bear Media’s photography skills, Festival Brides brings you…

Aztec Island | A Driftwood DIY



So, you see that ridiculously cool wood cutting, adorned with bands of so-good-I-want-a-dress-out-of-it Aztec fabric?

Yes, THAT! We’re making that! (I told you it was pretty fly, right?!)

Ok, let’s crack on – I can tell you’re all dying to get to it – so, you’re gonna need:

  • Fabric we got ours from this lovely ebay seller, but you could use anything, whatever fits your style + theme
  • Wood cuttings we used driftwood (because hello?! That pale grey shade is beyond!) but you could tailor this to suit you
  • A hot glue gun being major craft addicts, we already had a rather well loved gun, but you can get them on Amazon for under a tenner
  • Fabric scissors again, we had ours to hand, but normal sharp scissors would do the job

IMG_6334_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYIMG_6330_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYLet’s talk about material though.

These gorgeously patterned pieces need pairing with something plain, earthy and textured to balanced their bright, woven feel.

Try to pick a shade from the pattern. Go light and super neutral for a more minimal, desert style look (as above) or choose deep, earthy shades of rust  and navy for a more rustic effect.

Either way, we friggin’ love it!

IMG_6332_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYIf you’re thinking of pairing your driftwood creations with a menu, or a place name, you’ll wanna think about utilising the theory of negative space.

(FYI, negative space is everything right now!)

To create a seamless arrangement, whereby each element of styling flows effortlessly into the next, consider layering your pieces. So, instead of simply creating your menu/place name and setting it alongside your driftwood feature, cut your paper ware with enough room to layer your driftwood on top of it.

This layered effect adds depth, texture and a real professional look to your tablescape, as well as providing the perfect backdrop to your gorgeous little creation!

Negative Space. I don’t want those words to leave your lips for next 12 months, you hear?!

IMG_6335_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYIMG_6338_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYSo, this DIY is super simple.

So simple in fact, that we’re gonna conquer it in 3 magical steps. First up…

Consider + Cut

This stage is so easily rushed, but really, take your time.

Choose your piece of driftwood carefully. Straight pale pieces are sleek, minimal and effortless, while something with a little curve, colour and wear n’ tear gives a truly rustic vibe, full of character.

Once you’ve chosen your wood, choose your fabric sections. Treat each piece of wood as an individual; what works for one cutting, may not for another. Just like a pencil skirt won’t work for every honey, so you need to consider the curves of your wood.

Feel free to mix n’ match fabrics too. We fell so hard for this fabric that we just couldn’t bring ourselves to deviate, but using a variety of designs could look so rad.


IMG_6344_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYCut your pieces long enough to be wrapped around your wood in the desired position, plus a little extra.

We went for at least 3cm extra, just to make the gluing stage super easy, ain’t nobody got time for fiddlin’!

Now, onto the next stage…

Stick + Squash

With your fabric held in position, gently (no really, GENTLY) squeeze the trigger on your heated glue gun to draw a line of hot glue onto the end of your fabric.

Now, just bear with me while I mother you…

PLEASE, use your glue gun with caution!!

If you’re no Rambo with a gun, use a scrap of paper to test the trigger pressure and master how quickly the glue flows from your gun and, when it comes to the DIY, you totally should get your beau/mum/maid of honour involved… An extra set of hands totally wouldn’t go a miss!

IMG_6345_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYIMG_6346_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYAs quickly as possible, wrap your fabric strip round, fairly tightly, pressing it onto the hot glue.

Don’t worry if your fabric strip isn’t super tight, a little breathing room is a good thing, it’ll allow you to shift the fabric into the perfect position.

Leave the hot glue to cool and set (only around 5 mins).

IMG_6348_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYIMG_6350_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYOnce you’re happy the glue has cooled and your fabric is well stuck down, trim the surplus fabric with your scissors.

Again, this isn’t an exact science, that’s the beauty of it in fact! Don’t worry if you’re left with a little tab of extra fabric on the reverse, or if the edges of the fabric strip begin to fray a little. It all adds to that effortless, wilderness vibe (you know the one, right?!) that we’re reaching for.

Now, rinse + repeat that process until you’re happy with your driftwood masterpiece!


How can something so simple, produce something SO rad!?

And so, on to the final stage…

Arrange + Admire

This is the bit that we LOVE: seeing your creation in its final setting.

For real, prepare to swoon…

IMG_6322_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYIMG_6317_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYFor our sandy desert tablescape we went for dark green palms, a clean linen ivory napkin layered with a menu and a relatively straight, minimal driftwood piece.

We accessorised with a little extra undressed driftwood, a complimentary dish of natural nibbles, and a beat up copper lantern (what else?!). This style is all about minimal boho, the long chic portrait napkin, the asymmetry of the offset cutlery and the aesthetic of the right angle it creates with the extra driftwood pieces.

We just wanna live it in. So gorge.

IMG_6327_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYIMG_6288_FB_DRIFTWOOD_DIYAnd for our richer tablescape, we layered a rust coloured organic cotton napkin with our place name, allowing the driftwood to follow the horizontal line of the napkin (thereby framing the driftwood and enhancing it’s appearance tenfold!) and pulling the dark navy shades from our fabric and utilising them in our choice of woven table mat.

Add to that the lightness of the fresh cut flowers, the muted colour of the clay pot and and a little dish of rock salt and you’ve got yourself one seriously earthy style.

It’s somehow exotic and homely all at once. We adore it!


I can wholeheartedly say we have thoroughly enjoyed putting this together! I hope y’all have loved it as much as we have and find yourselves super inspired to employ these concepts for your wedding table!

Any questions, please do leave us a comment below and we’ll do our best to help out! MWAH!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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