Morning morning my lovelies and how are you on this fine day? Here’s hoping everything in your world is ace right now. Today, I’ve got something a little different for you because I’m chuffed to bits to welcome Adam from the wonderful Bands For Hire to Festival Brides today. You’ll find Bands For Hire in our festival wedding directory if you’d like to check ’em out but right now, Adam’s here to share some unmissable advice to help you choose the right wedding band to suit your theme. Bookmark this page right now!

Take it away Adam…

Alas – even in the highest scientific circles, time travel is yet to be perfected. But, so long as we’re content to be looking back, there is one style you could choose for your wedding that will make your guests feel as though they’ve been whisked away to the rose-tinted world of yesteryear. We are, of course, talking vintage.

There’s something fascinating about reenacting the past, resurrecting bygone styles and trends that, while no longer part of our day-to-day lives, now have a timeless quality in our hearts – and what could be more fitting for a day you want to remember forever?

A major part of bringing your vintage theme to life is always going to be the music. Musical genres have throughout history inspired entire cultural shifts, from the opulent finery worn in the Viennese courts of the classical era to the floral patterns and long hair that the swingin’ 60s used to preach peace and love. With the marriage of music, fashion, and of course the lovely bride and groom, your wedding could become a brief window to look through to the past, open for just one special day – and here are some of our musical suggestions that’ll be the icing on your multi-tiered cake.

Swing and Big Band

The era in which the irresistibly glitzy Great Gatsby is set, the roaring 20s and bellowing 30s gave birth to music, outfits and lifestyles resplendent with indulgence and glamour. The Western world was riding on the crest of a great wave that left WW1 in its wake, and didn’t break until the Wall Street Crash left everyone broke at the end of the decade. But while everybody was still riding high, we got some of the century’s most brilliant advancements in technology and art. Swing was the name of the game – and our swing bands, such as the fabulous Syndicate Du Swing, bring all the swagger and self celebration that made us fall in love with the music of Glenn Miller, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby. Park up your automobile, break out the art deco placemats, pour out the champagne and let’s have a ball!

Gypsy Jazz

‘Jazz Manouche’, otherwise known as ‘gypsy jazz‘, is a frantic, exotic blend of Romani folk music and western jazz that originated in France in the 1930s. Spearheaded by legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt, the complex rhythms and frenetic fretwork are set against the antics of a rag-tag group of lovable rogues. Our bands such as the Gypsy Carnivals conjure up an exciting vision of a far off, romantic land, free from the everyday constraints of western society, and bringing with it plenty of colourful neckerchiefs and billowing skirts. Expect a few well-known modern and classical pieces to be given the breakneck gypsy treatment – ever heard Danse Macabre, Moon River or classic Kinks track Sunny Afternoon played with a hectic combination of fiddle, banjo and accordion? Neither had we!

Acoustic Folk

Bringing to you roots music as old as the hills, acoustic folk, with its au-naturel instrumentation and luscious vocal harmonies, brings to mind warm fires, dancing maidens  and humble, rustic cuisine. Folk music is at the heart of every popular song to ever grace our ears, and our bands such as Indiana bridge the gap between the Mamas and the Papas and Mumford and Sons. There’ll be more foot stomping and hand clapping than at Jack and Rose’s secret below-deck party with the Titanic’s third class passengers. Folk music is sung by the people for the people, which, coupled with comfortable, unpretentious clothing and sing-along choruses, creates a sense of honesty and acceptance that nobody is exempt from.

50s Rock ‘n’ Roll

The term ‘vintage’ tends to refer to artefacts and ideologies 50 or more years old – wind the clock back just a little further and you’ll be rocking around it with Bill Haley and his Comets. This is a time when the teenage dream had just begun – hamburgers, malt shakes, drive-thru cinemas, bowling shirts and mini dresses, as far as the eye can see. This decade also saw the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, and our 50s wedding bands like the Flip Top Floozies inject a youthful optimism into their authentic retro sound, reminiscent of a simpler time reigned by James Dean, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. Your guests will be rockin’ and a-reelin’ along to Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard in no time – make sure you take plenty of sepia-toned photos to give those memories their rightful place in history.

So pick your time period, track down the most fabulous attire it had to offer, and treat your guests to one of Bands For Hire’s authentic wedding bands to tie it all together as you’re tying the knot!

Thanks so much for that Adam – I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be the only one who’s singing all day long now! If you’d like to find out more about Bands For Hire, check out their website or their listing in our festival wedding directory.





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