We are so excited to announce our Latitude winning couple to you.. It was the hardest decision ever and the judging panel did feel like they were playing God!! There were so many amazing and heartfelt entries we just wanted everyone to win.. Thanks to everyone who sent in their entries.. They were beautiful and your love stories certainly bought many tears to our eyes.

The judging panel choose Nadine and Neil because of their amazing video in the woods, showing their 3 children rocking out, so much thought had gone into styling and using the wood as a great backdrop. We also loved their quirky styling ideas ‘Imagine if Frida Kahlo organised a wedding picnic in the woods’…?!

So here is it is – The winning entry!!

We are Nadine & Neil and after we saw the wedding competition on your website, we got so excited that we couldn’t contain ourselves and so we ran down to the woods and made a little stop-motion movie to introduce ourselves.

We’ve given A LOT of thought to wedding styling and what we want to say is this: Imagine if Frida Kahlo organised a wedding picnic in the woods…?! Well, that’s what we’d love! But seeing as Frida isn’t available for wedding planning these days, we’ve put together a little Pinterest board called ‘Wedding Malarkey’ so you can get an idea of the kind of style we love.

5f4255156bfe6aab79fd3f4a30ccc2bfImage via Pinterest

75ed60b32d6b49bc042f159f9d3337ceImage via Pinterest

Blooms-wise, it’s all about big, juicy, vivid flowers; bold floral crowns; succulents and roses in trailing bouquets; floral garlands for the guests… Like an explosive fusion of Mexican fiestas and English country gardens.

b8b157c1b9d6a3bdd71b9e6799bce4bbImage via Pinterest

Food-wise, we hanker after a great big picnic in the woods: rustic, fresh salads; delicious crusty bread; colourful vegetable dishes; meats and cheeses and of course, the best pork pies known to mankind: A help-yourself selection of irresistible vittels, consumed by barefoot, blissful wedding-goers as they lounge on cushions and blankets, soaking up the sunshine and atmosphere.  Don’t forget the jelly and ice cream for afters. Yum..! Image via Pinterest

84a24bc4f35b09904f0124c12ae13b82Booze-wise: ‘Hard Lemonade’, home-style cocktails and beers. Better still, how about those splendid boys from the Travelling Gin Company. Gin on a bike…? Man alive, that’s divine inspiration..! e5f012eaddad7c8f3ded07c4cac87d9c

Image via Pinterest

As for the cake…. well, all we can say is: What would Frida do? No doubt something colourfully crazy and wonderful with monkeys, parrots, hearts and skulls… and, quite frankly, who are we to argue with that kind of genius!?

Decor-wise: Let’s festoon the trees with gorgeous things and magical, twinkly lights! Hang glitter balls from the trees and throw cushions all around. Let’s paint the wedding guests! Why not wrap bits of branches in lace and drape bales of straw with blankets? How about we ship in comfy sofas for Granny’s bad knee? Just imagine a circular net of tiny lights creating the ceiling of a dance floor in the woods! Hammocks all over the place. Don’t forget the kids’ hideaway heaven: a tent full of tricks and costumes to keep the little ones amused and entertained. And let’s have a secret little love nest… a private little bower-retreat for the happy couple to sneak off to now and again for a bit of a smooch.


Image via Pinterest


Image via Pinterest

As for the dress: there is of course much-beloved Neil’s granny’s wedding dress. The one she got hitched in 1952. It’s a beaut! It’s hanging in the wardrobe upstairs, just waiting for another outing. (Twice in 51 years isn’t too much to ask, surely?)

Entertainment-wise: There must and shall be dancing! We also plan to ask our very good friend Mathew and to lend his guitar-playing brilliance to our wedding celebrations. He’s taken a step back from gigging in recent times, being as he’s just about to be ordained into the church. He tells us he’d come out of retirement for a wedding at latitude though. Come on now, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t enjoy a rock n roll vicar at your wedding!? Failing that, we’re pretty happy to have anyone on the line up as our cheesy wedding band… (wink, wink).   I don’t know about you, but we don’t think a night at Latitude is complete without a boogie at the Disco Shed!

The reason we dream of a wedding like this is that we aren’t fans of formality. We have a yen for a laid back, natural, outdoor, shoes-kicked-off wonder of a wedding. One where no one has to straighten their tie as the bride arrives at the church or where page boys are forced into tight shoes and bad hairstyles. We want everyone to check their shoes and blues at the door, kick back and enjoy an old fashioned wagon hitchin’… with a few surprises in store.

About Nadine & Neil

And finally, here is the story of how we met and what has happened since… We found it tough to write about ourselves, so we asked a friend to do it for us, and this is what she had to say about us:

Two single parents, Nadine hadn’t actually met Neil yet when he invited her to go to Finland for the weekend on a first date. Not being a crazy woman – but slightly annoyed at missing out on the romance of Helsinki – Nadine suggested that maybe they should meet first before going on a mini-break.  And from the moment they did, they have never been apart since. Best of all, their kids fell in love with each other too.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Last year, Neil asked Nadine to marry him on a mini-break in Istanbul. Knowing she wasn’t a fan of fancy engagement rings, he ran around the Grand Bazaar for hours, trying to find someone to make a plain gold band.  When, with a brand new, shiny ring in his hand, he popped the question later that day, Nadine didn’t have to think twice. To celebrate, they went out for the world’s best kebab and beer. It was amazing! (…the proposal AND the kebab!) Ever since then their kids – Ruby, Ruari & Marcus – have been desperate for them to get wed. And this is where YOU guys come in.

We are sure you must have received goodness-knows how many fabulous entries for this competition, but we hope you will really consider us. You’d not only be giving us the wedding of our dreams, in a place that has always made us happy, but  you’d also be making us a family at last!!

Nadine, Neil, Ruby, Ruari & Marcus xx

Here is a little video to announce their engagement!!

View more of their wedding ideas here….

We will keep you updated with plans for the epic Latitude Wedding on Saturday 20th July 2013 xxx Watch this space


Wedding beauty on its way!

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