enchantedbrides-8What’s up, you guuys!

Boy, am I psyched to show you today’s incredible styled shoot! With a super sexy model (her tatts and that hair colour, I mean!), an amazing setting and our of favourite photographers of the moment, Enchanted Brides (whose style is just SO on point for our Festival Brides!) and this shoot was always gonna be insanely cool, but really, it’s insanely cool AND THEN SOME.

We absolutely adore the concept behind the dress too, I can hear you boho brides now: ‘Who’s the dress by though!? Who’s the designer?!’

Girl, you are looking at an up-cycled 70s dress! Designer Christine Trewinnard bought a rather reserved vintage dress for a mere £30 from ebay and then customised it into this ridiculously sassy two piece bridal set. I can’t even deal with the coolness, plus hello? Super rad to recycle: eco-friendly and budget friendly [clapping hands emoji x 10!]

Let’s kick things off with the venue then: wanna pick your own wild flower bouquet? Of course you do! Read on babes…

A Cornish Cutting Garden….

The dream at Cornish Cutting Garden is to create a place where people can pick flowers, learn about creative organic cultivation and relax in this quiet corner of Cornwall.

Be inspired by our contemporary floral and garden design and our use of flowers that stimulate the senses through scent and texture. Understand the ethos of the Cornish Cutting Garden …. a place where every member of the community can get involved in a new approach to cultivating. Combining old fashioned methods with upcycling and contemporary eco-products.

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A Gown makeover with fairy godmother wisdom…..

Sue White: Whilst an admirable word and excellent concept, ‘recycling’ is not one that comfortably stands next to a wedding gown. ‘Up cycling?’ possibly better, ‘pre-loved?’ getting warmer. ‘Re-modelled?’ that’s nearly the one.  However, none of them really convey the essence of this recent gown-makeover by Christine Trewinnard Couture.

Starting out as a 1970’s wedding dress featuring long cuffs, a high yoked neck, romantic frills and tiers with ruffles down the back; the dress has been treated with fairy-godmother type wisdom, experience and a sprinkling of magic to create a gown for today’s belle of the ball. By reducing the volume in the skirt and persuading the ‘cover it all’ top to be a little more risqué, our belle has a personalised creation designed to celebrate, rather than hide, her wonderful body art.  Not at the cost of fashionable style either – despite the forty year time gap, look out for tiers and ruffles (but not the cover-it-all aspect!) in the latest bridal trends.

In traditional Christine Trewunnard style, two pieces allow for further versatility with the merest hint of carbon in your wedding slipper footprints as you re-combine or re-use separates.

We know, you’ll risk a raised eyebrow here and a palpitation there, but this gown transformation demonstrates that, whatever your desire, there’s always a way!

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The Line Up

Photography: Enchanted Brides
Hair: Locks and Lashes 
Makeup: Katherine Rowe Makeup Artist 
Dress: Christine Trewinnard Couture  
Venue and all flowers: Cornish Cutting Garden 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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