Morning Lovely People, I hope you all had a great weekend. Another Monday has come which means we have yet another cool, beautiful and inspirational wedding to share with you all. This one is captured by Festival Brides favourites, Through The Woods We Ran, and is sent all the way from Margaret River in Western Australia.

Aaron and Fiona wanted a relaxed affair for their wedding with all of their favourite people. They loved the idea of an informal country rustic theme and hoped to find a venue that matched the laid back vibes they wanted to create. After initial problems with finding a space that allowed them the freedom to use their own suppliers and party beyond midnight, they eventually stumbled across Wavehouse Studios. A cool and quirky house right on the coast with a forest and cave in its back garden! Aaron and Fiona instantly fell in love as it suited their rustic theme perfectly, gave them the complete freedom to use their own suppliers and was home to some amazing coastal views.

With a gorgeous bespoke lace wedding dress, 2 stunning flower crowns, DIY decor details and some spectacular and fun photography, this wedding is most definitely going to get your pinterest on!

Look out for the party in the cave – so. very. cool.

Arron and Fiona talk us through their beautiful day……

The Piazza Del Popolo, An Opera Singer and One Very Shaky Knee….

On a trip to Rome walking through the Piazza Del Popolo listening to an opera singer perform in the centre of the piazza. We walked to a quiet spot by the Fontana del Nettuno. Aaron wanted to take photos which he never does! I still didn’t guess. He then got down on one very shaky knee and popped the question! It was the biggest surprise ever.

FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-1 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-3 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-5 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-7 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-8 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-9

A Bespoke Dress and Flower Crown….

Erin and Kate from On a Whim created this dress just for me. I knew I was in capable hands and Erin sourced the most beautiful lace. Fox and Rabbit made a stunning flower crown to go with my dress. This was a last minute decision and really finished off the entire look.

FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-10 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-11 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-12 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-14 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-16 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-17

A Big House, A Forest and A Cave….

We wanted a big house to host our wedding so we could have free reign and not have to leave at midnight which seemed to be the theme elsewhere. Also we could have the catering and wine we wanted. Wave House is a rustic coastal location with an amazing back yard consisting of forest and a cave. Perfect for our celebration.

We knew what we wanted it was just a matter of finding it. A lot of large rentals do not allow functions/weddings on the premises. We found this on Stayz.com with very few pictures online when we got there we were blown away it was love at first sight.

FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-18 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-19 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-20 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-21 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-22 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-24 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-25 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-26 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-28 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-29 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-30 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-31 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-32 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-33

Rustic furniture, Calico Table Cloths and Hay bales….

We furnished the venue with the venues own rustic furniture ,some calico table cloths and hay bales in the cave to add to the rustic look. All the flowers from the ceremony were brought down by our guests to the cave for the reception.

FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-34 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-35 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-36 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-37 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-38 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-39 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-40 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-41

We wanted a big house to host our wedding so we could have free reign and not have to leave at midnight which seemed to be the theme elsewhere. Also we could have the catering and wine we wanted. Wave House Studio is a rustic coastal location with an amazing back yard consisting of forest and a cave. Perfect for our celebration.

FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-42 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-43 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-45 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-48 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-49 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-50 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-51 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-52 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-53 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-54 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-56 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-57 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-58 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-59 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-60 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-62 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-63 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-64 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-65 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-66 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-68 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-70 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-71 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-75 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-77

Above and Beyond Catering….

Our caterers were Goanna Café & Gallery. Run by two michelin star chefs Duncan and Tim. This was the easiest decision of the entire wedding. Aaron being a chef himself knew exactly what he wanted and these guys ticked all the boxes. We preferred canapé style service and given the rough terrain of our venue they went above and beyond on the day.

FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-80 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-81 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-82 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-83 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-84 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-85 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-86 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-87 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-88 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-89 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-90 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-91 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-92 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-93 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-95 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-97 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-98 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-100 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-101 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-102 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-103 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-108 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-109 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-110 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-111 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-112 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-114 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-115 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-116 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-117 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-118

Candid Style and Amazing Moments….

I felt instantly relaxed when I met them both I could breathe a sigh of relief I have finally found my photographers. I loved their candid style. Lauren and Glenn were the best on the day you don’t even know they are there capturing the most amazing moments.

FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-119 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-120 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-121 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-123FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-124 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-125 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-126 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-127 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-129 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-130 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-131 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-132 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-133 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-134 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-135 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-136 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-137 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-141 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-142 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-143 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-145 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-146 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-147 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-148 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-149 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-150

A Duo in A Cave…..

Little Bird from Perth were our band. Rachel and Matt were great. Rachel truly has the most amazing voice. Their looping system creates a sound unrivalled by any other duo.

FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-153 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-154 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-155 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-156 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-157 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-158 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-159

Favourite Moment….

Aaron was nervous about the “kiss” at the ceremony and asked if we could Hi Five instead. It was a running joke for quite a while and he was delighted when I did in the end. (I got a kiss too!)

FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-163 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-164 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-165 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-166 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-167 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-168 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-169 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-170 FBrides-TTWWR-Fiona-Aaron-172

The Line Up

Photography: Through The Woods We Ran 
Venue: The Wave House Studio
Bride’s dress: ILKA
Bride’s shoes: Zomp 
Bridesmaid’s Dress: Alannah Hill
Grooms’s Suit: Armani 
Flower Crowns: Fox and Rabbit 
Bouquets & Venue Flowers: DIY
Hair and Makeup: The Pretty Parlour 
Celebrant: Kate Jowett
Caterers: Goanna Cafe
Band: Little Bird


Wedding beauty on its way!

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