Afternoon Lovely Peeps,

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter.

We are treating your eyes this morning with a gorgeous free spirited styled wedding shoot sent all the way from the USA by the lovely Heather Johnston Photography. It features what appears to be a simple yet elegant wedding dress by Atelier DeCouture, an exciting Slovakian fashion label that creates the most beautiful wedding dresses that all come with their own unique story to tell. This dress with it’s elegant and sleek timeless silhouette at first appears to be relatively simple but in fact has a stunning tribal crocheted design on the back which transforms the simplicity and style of the dress into something quite spiritual and bohemian. Couple that with a magnificent tribal headdress, a gorgeous 5 tiered wedding cake and pretty stationery and you are left with a bridal shoot that really is quite striking – I love it.

Enjoy this shoot peeps – it’s definitely one for your wedding inspiration pinterest board!

Heather Jones talks us through the shoot….

HJP-9395 HJP-9500 HJP-9501 HJP-9503 HJP-9504 HJP-9505 HJP-9506 HJP-9621HJP-9605HJP-9603HJP-9623HJP-9507HJP-9510HJP-9519 HJP-9521 HJP-9388HJP-9386HJP-9382HJP-9393HJP-9396

This boho bridal session began it’s formation after seeing the Back of the Atelier DeCouture wedding dress. The dress was simple, elegant, and unique. The open back with the crocheted pattern was perfect for a boho/southwestern/tribal bridal session.

The DIY projects by Blue Wing Events were perfect and complimented by Sweetwater Stems! These DIY projects include: the teepee, the pillow seating around the tent, the streamers hanging above the sweetheart table, the Macramé chair hangings, the Macramé back drop, the arrows, tiny tambourines, the tiny celebration flags and the lace dream catchers!

As this shoot was put together, I wanted to start with a simple beautiful boho feel that intensified in creativeness and theme as it progressed. The beautiful orange sunset was a perfect ending to this shoot!

Love Artisty was excited to pull out the concept I was dreaming up and her makeup really made the bridal portraits something amazing!

Erika and Scripted Ever After brought in the southwestern/boho cake and stationery. I love the gold on the cake and how it had a simple but themed feel! The invitations and menus were fabulous! I love how the circle menus fit perfectly inside the bowls on the place settings!

We brought colour and brightness to a simple and beautiful boho tribal look.

HJP-9525 HJP-9528 HJP-9531 HJP-9544 HJP-9568 HJP-9571 HJP-9576 HJP-9579 HJP-9580 HJP-9581 HJP-9563HJP-9560HJP-9584 HJP-9595 HJP-9597 HJP-9634 HJP-9635 HJP-9640 HJP-9642 HJP-9644 HJP-9645 HJP-9647 HJP-9650 HJP-9651 HJP-9653 HJP-9654 HJP-9656 HJP-9658 HJP-9665 HJP-9666 HJP-9674 HJP-9675 HJP-9681 HJP-9689 HJP-9691

The Line Up

Photography: Heather Johnston Photography 
Event Design: Blue Wing Events 
Florist: Sweetwater Stems  
Custom Wedding Stationery: Scripted Ever After  
Cake: Erika Depperschmidt – Personal Chef 
Hair and Makeup: Love Artistry – Brandy Sepeda  
Dress: Atelier DeCouture  
Venue: The Dimebox Ballroom


Wedding beauty on its way!

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