We are in love with today’s bohemian styled ‘Rock The Vow’ shoot. Just everything about it ticks our wedding boxes from the stunning table decor to the flowers and handmade tipi. It is also a brilliant example of how you can use creative ideas to turn any space into something that is bohemian, elegant and atmospheric.

Sent all the way from Pontiac, Michigan and featuring the work of Luna Soiree Events and Sarah Kossuch Photography, the shoot mixes festival and outdoor elements with a more elegant and artistic approach to bohemian style through the clever use of colours, styling, bridal fashion, props and lighting. Rather than shooting outdoors or in a barn, they chose a modern ‘arty’ space with exposed brick work and wooden floors but dressed it in such a way that still captured the romance and free spirit of an outdoor festival inspired wedding.

We love the ceremony arch that is made out of birch trees and intertwined with fairy lights, foilage and leaves. This is such a clever idea for an indoor space and works so well against the backdrop of exposed bricks. We also love the handmade tipi with it’s dream catcher and colourful cushions – a simple idea that would make the perfect chill out area for your guests in all types of settings.

Luna Soiree Events talks us through the shoot and all the fabulous suppliers that were involved.

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Rock The Vow….

Since the bohemian style has really been trending in the past year, it brought me back to the late 90’s when I was in my early 20’s– big into music festivals, wore bell bottoms, and embraced my own boho style. So, I wanted to create something that had some of the nostalgia of 70’s, but with a current feel and a touch of elegance–a shoot that appealed to couples that have an artistic side and love music, and are looking for creative ways to incorporate this style into their special day. I reached out to Parsonage Events first when thinking of who I wanted to work with. I knew lead designer Liz would come into the project with energy and excitement and would be able to create the design I was envisioning as well as add her own awesome & creative ideas. She introduced the idea of the watercolor canvases and adding flowers for a beautiful backdrop. I loved it and began building the rest of the vendor team and securing props and rental pieces. Many of the professionals involved in this shoot are favorites that I work with all the time or people I was excited to work with and asked to join the collaboration.

Rock The Vow-8800 RockTheVow-7663 RockTheVow-7664 RockTheVow-7666 RockTheVow-7668 RockTheVow-7669 RockTheVow-7670 RockTheVow-7671

The Elements….

The inspiration table was amazing. Bright and colourful but still warm and approachable. We used vintage dishes and coloured glasses to give it a bohemian and vintage feel and Liz’s florals were outrageous! The warm mustard gold candles added a unique touch, as most brides select ivory, so it was fun to bring in something different here. The farm table offers a casual/natural feel, while the canvas along the brick wall added an urban & artistic feel which I think also appeals to this kind of bride and groom! We used mixed vintage dishes & colored goblets, to give it a very mod overall design, and a touch of lace in the napkin for a classic feel.

We ran into a snag for the original ceremony concept on the shoot day. We installed market lighting on the stage and lined up birch “trees” to create a forest feel on the main floor for the “ceremony”, but the lighting in the theater didn’t cooperate, so we moved to another space. I am still happy with the way it came together but it was far more intimate a space and eliminated the initial style I was going for. We all know the importance of improvisation on event days. Sometimes everything works out perfectly, but other times mother nature or other challenges present themselves and you have to make quick changes and roll with it!

We had to have a teepee – no boho shoot is complete without one! We added dream catchers, flowers and pillows and it worked so well when we captured the groom playing his bride a song.

RockTheVow-7672 RockTheVow-7673 RockTheVow-7694 RockTheVow-7716 RockTheVow-7717 RockTheVow-7718 RockTheVow-7720 RockTheVow-7721 RockTheVow-7722 RockTheVow-7743 RockTheVow-7756 RockTheVow-7895 RockTheVow-7952 RockTheVow-8129 RockTheVow-8172 RockTheVow-8205 RockTheVow-8248 RockTheVow-8257 RockTheVow-8269

The Entrance….

A poster style welcome board designed to look like a concert poster, hanging backstage passes as escort cards, guiding guests to their table, which were named for rock and roll artists, a guitar case as the card box with a “you rock” bunting, old records, and another lovely floral element. A cool, rocker feel as you enter the party. The Luna Soiree team designed all the stationery for this element.

The Cake….

Jessica of Cake Ambition did an amazing job capturing the essence of this inspiration shoot with the colors, feather and “wood” layer. I think this cake will make its mark on Pinterest! We set it on a vintage stereo, painted in a mint colour. Perfection!

The Dresses….

The Gown Shop came on board to present some of their bridal fashions, and because they showed up with so many fabulous dresses, we couldn’t just pick one. We used a number of the dresses in the shoot. Model, Sarah Holden, looked stunning in everything! I am waiting to hear back from the Gown Shop to provide a list of the dresses that were worn.

The bridesmaids dresses were picked from a vintage dress shop on Etsy, and worn by Sarah’s twin sister, Maria Holden, and LS event coordinator, Kelsey Ivan. We wanted the shoot to be authentic, so I reached out to my long time friend and musician, Brennan Andes, and asked him to bring out his band to give the shoot a real music festival feel. They did not disappoint. They played some rockabilly, bluegrass, funk and a little jazz throughout the shoot, keeping the energy up and the fun times rolling! Nelson Kazan, professional mixologist and Detroit restauranteur, played our front man/groom, and made us all believers.

RockTheVow-8281 RockTheVow-8286 RockTheVow-8296 RockTheVow-8344 RockTheVow-8368 RockTheVow-8406 RockTheVow-8411 RockTheVow-8434 RockTheVow-8443 RockTheVow-8449 RockTheVow-8453 RockTheVow-8467 RockTheVow-8539 RockTheVow-8543 RockTheVow-8586 RockTheVow-8633 RockTheVow-8655 RockTheVow-8656 RockTheVow-8659 RockTheVow-8799

We really feel that brides will love the designs and trends that are featured in this Rock the Vow styled shoot, and would use elements of this shoot as inspiration for their own wedding. The vibrant and rich colors- marsala, gold, teal, bright pink, and yellow, mixed with natural wood tones and an urban concert venue, give this design a unique feel. With a classic rock-n-roll twist, any bride is sure to swoon over these fun and fabulous details, and the color palette can be used in any season.

The Line Up

Planning, Design & Coordination: Luna Soiree Events 
Photographer: Sarah Kossuch Photography
Venue: The Crofoot Ballroom
Floral & Art Design: Parsonage Events
Cake: Cake Ambition 
Wedding Gowns: The Gown Shop
Vintage Rentals: Rusted Rose Rentals
Trees and Misc Decor: Encore Event Group 
Farm Chairs: Special Event Rental
Hair: Simona Vigh 
MUA: Eduard Emanuel 
Videographer: Capturing Arts 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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