I am loving the beautiful colours and elegant bohemian vibes from today’s styled shoot. Sent all the way from the USA and captured beautifully by Twin Lens Photography, the shoot took place at Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve on Lake Michigan and features the work of Alt’s Antiques, Ball ‘n’ Biscuit, Bayview Printing Company and many more.

As well as the gorgeous colour pallete of peach, pink, orange and red, what I love the most about this shoot is the suppliers use of salvaged materials to create the wedding decor. The picnic and cake tables were both built from salvaged wood which adds such a rustic charm to the elegant looking bohemian tablescape. This is something you could easily recreate for your wedding. In fact, the festival signs that I had at my wedding were built from wood we found at a reclamation yard and were as cheap as chips! Up-cycling materials is huge in the home decor scene at the moment so getting your hands on cool materials and inspiration should be relatively easy. The picnic table here is made from an old wooden door and it just looks so good with the flowers, lace tablecloth and bohemian styling. I love it!

Look out for the amazing cake by Yield Bakehouse with it’s macrame effect (so clever) and the amazing vegetarian tapas style food by Ball ‘n’ Biscuit. I want to eat them all now!

Sarah of Twin Lens Photography talks us through the shoot….

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Jewel-toned Eclectic Styling by A Lake…..

This was a determined team to say the least! Despite some technical freak-outs and last minute changes, this team worked incredibly hard to turn out these beautiful images at Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve on Lake Michigan. Our florist and custom-builder Michael Alt assembled our rustic, low picnic table on site with a salvaged wooden door, as well as our industrial dessert table and simplistic altar, both from salvaged materials. Additionally, Alt provided us with a handful of unique antique trinkets to add interest to our table designs. Lion’s Den provided the most beautiful, picturesque backdrop for an elopement shoot in Wisconsin – the steep cliffs and turquoise water made us all feel like we were visiting the ocean! Alexis of Yield Bakehouse provided us an incredible citrus-toned cake with a macrame design, as well as some summery lemon custards in vintage glassware. Perhaps the most unique stylistic choice we made for this shoot was to serve dinner tapas style! Maria of Ball n’ Biscuit created an all vegetarian, colorful, summery menu for our rustic table including gazpacho shooters, crostini with blueberry and mango, homemade jams, and mini sweet potato empanadas! YUM!

We hope to share this submission with couple’s who are looking for inspiration for intimate, backyard, or countryside weddings and engagement parties. Having used many salvaged materials for our builds and thrifted finds for our styling, as well as floral arrangements with “wild flower” appeal, we think this shoot that we worked SO hard to pull together would be the perfect inspiration for DIY brides!

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The Line Up

Photography: Twin Lens Wedding Photography
Venue: Lion’s Den Gorge, Milwaukee, WI
Flowers: Alt’s Antiques
Wedding Dress: Bucci Bridal
Hair & Makeup: About Face Salon & Boutique
Groom’s Suit: Harley’s Store for Men
Stationery: Bayview Printing Company
Catering: Ball ‘n’ Biscuit
Cake: Yield Bakehouse
Tabletop Decor: Table of Contents


Wedding beauty on its way!

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