Afternoon Lovely People,

If ever there was a shoot to make you want to runaway and elope with your future husband then I think this might be it! There is some serious intimacy, beauty and tranquility captured that even I am thinking why the hell didn’t I elope!?

Captured so brilliantly by Anna of Bianco Photography, the shoot takes us to the stunning Maggiore Lake in Italy and tells the story of a charming, intimate and simple elopement where the focus is on the love between the couple, the promises they have made and the surroundings they’ve chosen to escape too.

I love that the bride, groom and celebrant are all barefoot for the ceremony and that a flower garland is used to bind the couples hands in the same way cords or ribbons would be in a hand fasting. I also love the brides beautiful flower crown which is very different to anything I have seen before.

Anna talks us through the inspiration behind the shoot and the wonderful suppliers involved…..

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The inspiration for this shooting is a couple with a romantic and easy attitude, eloping on the charming and moody Maggiore Lake, nestled between the Mediterranean sea and Alps. The water, the blowing wind, the centennial camellias, the wooden boat, the light dresses, the bare feet, the promises and the ukulele singing Jack Johnson’s “better together” while having an easy picnic on the grass.

We’ve chosen to mix the lake’s languid colours with the vivid ochre we used for the custom made cushions, made with damask fabrics and embellished with baroque tassels, recalling the Villa’s interiors and contrasting with the simplicity of the bride and groom’s outfits. Styling is by the experienced Sara & Cristiano, the creative duo behind Princess Wedding.

We decided to use flowers, perfectly styled by Flo’ Fiori, to give to the whole story a touch of colour in antique and elegant tones, starting with bride’s luscious flower crown.

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The Line Up

Photography: Bianco Photography
Planning: Princess Wedding 
Flowers: Flo’ Fiori 
Hair & Make Up: Organic Brides 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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